What is This #7

So…this one is hard. Your clues are, it isn’t dinnerware, or computer generated and it has nothing to do with Star Wars. It isn’t in the US.  When you want the answer, go HERE, but leave your guess for me first!
Good luck!!!!


What Is This? #5

Your clue? Not Mars. Leave me your guess before you check the answer:) I love reading your guesses!

****Answer HERE*****

What is this? Part two

This picture was waiting for me on my desk top when I got home today. The kids wanted me to guess (again) what on earth it was. Didn’t guess it (again).

What do you think it is? To be nice I buried an un-cropped version deep in my blog- so go ahead and make your guess (leave me comment, I want to know what you think it is!) then go here to see if you were right or even close. I bet you don’t get it!


The answer to what is it? Part two

This is actually a bar of Lava Soap! Cool huh? Were you close?  If you want to know why it is on my stove, go here.