Step2 Corvette Toddler to Twin Bed with Lights

My son is now 2 (as of today!). You might recall about 2 months ago he started climbing out of his crib. We knew it was time to get him a “big boy bed”. I searched online for options and decided that a toddler to twin convertible bed would be ideal.  We wanted a bed that is not too big for him now but also one that can grow with him. Since he has really taken to cars lately and loves all things cars, we thought the Step2 Corvette® toddler to twin bed with lights was the perfect choice for my son.

step 2 toddler bed

Delivery and Assembly

We received the bed via home delivery and when my son saw the box he smiled so big and exclaimed “car!”. He was extremely excited, the joy on his face was priceless. I have to admit I did wonder what assembling this bed would require, but it was fairly easy. The instructions were thorough and easy to follow.

step 2 toddler bed

Here are some photos of our Step2 Corvette Toddler to Twin Bed set up process:

car bed

car bed for kids

car bed for kids

car bed for kids

The assembly of the bed was not difficult. It was a little time consuming as we were just using a regular screw driver. I recommend using a screw gun or automatic screw driver for a faster set up process, just be careful not to strip the plastic out.

car bed for kids

Toddler to Twin Conversion

As I mentioned above this bed is a toddler to twin convertible bed and can be changed simply by swapping out the mattress. For now we are using it as a toddler bed with his crib mattress. Once he gets bigger we can put a twin size mattress on there for him and he will be able to use this bed for years to come. There is actually a race track in front and up the sides of the bed and when using a crib/toddler mattress it can be accessed and the child play on this with his little cars (very cool, my son has a blast with his cars and this bed)…

step 2 corvette bed for kids

He even falls asleep on the race track ;).

sleeping toddler


The lights on the bed are another feature that I love (my son loves them too, of course). The center light is a tap light that automatically turns off after 15 minutes to conserve the battery.


The bed is low to the ground, he can easily climb in and out of it without getting hurt. The “windows” and sides of the car serve as railing and prevent him from rolling off the bed while he sleeps.

Buy it: This bed can be purchased on the Step2 website for $329.99 plus $29.99 shipping. For more information visit the Step2 Corvette® Toddler to Twin Bed with Lights page. Check out the video below to see this bed in action:

 If you are looking for an entire themed bedroom suite they also have the matching Corvette® Storage ChestCorvette® Dresser, and Corvette® Room Organizer available that are sold separately on the Step2 website or you can purchase the bed, dresser and storage chest on Amazon for $545.95.


Disclaimer: This blog is not affiliated with the Step2 Test Drive Mom program or This blog is independent of the Step2 Test Drive Mom program.

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