This Pug's For You

I love Pugs. Here is a cute little collection of darling Pug pics. Enjoy!

Dream Homes – What Does Yours Look Like?

I love my little house and our little plot of land. I am grateful every day for the blessing of having a roof over my family and food to eat. That said, like everyone else I enjoy daydreaming and find it relaxing to browse through pictures of beautiful and exotic locales.

Here are a few photos of  dream homes and beautiful places that I love.




What does your dream home or luxury vacation spot look like?

Relaxed kitty

My cat likes his hammock.

Hedgehog Surgery

My daughter’s hedgehog , Hoodie, had to have surgery to have a large tumor removed. Broke our hearts to see how much had to be taken. We will find out if it’s cancer after the biopsy.