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When I received the Owie Bag from Raising Green Kids I had every intention on it being needed for my kids. The hubs actually used it twice before either one of the kids needed it, lol. So, what is this Owie Bag? It is a handmade, eco-friendly, non-toxic, reusable, pain relief pack filled with flax seed. It can be used for many ailments as a hot pack or a cold pack. Organic flaxseeds are used in these packs for longer heat retention.

Price: $8.00 for a 2 pack

Here is my daughter feeling a bit under the weather…sipping her herbal tea with her cold Owie pack on her head:

natural remedies

Raising Green Kids carries these nifty little reusable and washable sandwich bags, which are extremely handy. With my daughter and hubby taking their lunches almost daily I cringe at all the plastic bags that were being used. The Lunchskins bag solves that problem! And the materials these bags are made from are non-toxic and food safe.
Price: $16.75 for a 2 pack


Raising Green Kids also has a variety of other “green” items ranging from toys and art supplies to household items and cleaners.

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TriLight Health Supplements Review

Health Supplements

I’m not too big on pharmaceuticals and try to avoid them if possible, I don’t like to take them myself or give them to my kids. I prefer natural remedies to over-the-counter drugs. I recently got introduced to TriLight Health Supplements, a company that specialize in great tasting, non-alcoholic herbal formulas for pregnancy, children, and the family. TriLight Health has a variety of supplements for many specific aliments and needs. From Cold and Flu, Energy Support and Lymph Rub to Calcium and Magnesium Multivitamin Supplements, Weight Loss Care and so much more.

6 Reasons Why TriLight Uses Liquid Formulas:

>>Time Honored – Liquid herbal medicine has been used for centuries
>>Herbal Taste – Tasting the herb plays an important role in effectiveness
>>Bioavailable – Herbs in a concentrated liquid form enter the body in a more pre-digested state
>>Quick Assimilation – Liquids begin assimilation in about 15 to 20 minutes
>>Fast Acting – Much quicker than with encapsulated dry herbs or tablets
>>Superior Extraction Method – A Process that preserves and extracts more active constituents and naturally occurring vitamins, enzymes, minerals and volatile oils

For over 20 years now, we at TriLight Health have faithfully supplied our customers nationwide with our high quality line of liquid herbal products.

As I mentioned before Trilight Health has such a wonderful selection of these herbal supplements, it was very hard to choose which ones I wanted to try first. I ended us choosing the Female Formula and Peace Treaty.

natural PMS relief Natural ADHD remedy
Female Formula
>>Nutritionally supports the female organs, helping to regulate the menstrual cycle and relieve PMS symptoms.
Ingredients: Female Ginseng, Squaw Vine, Cramp Bark, Blue Cohosh and Licorice Root in a base of Kosher Vegetable Glycerine and Reverse Osmosis Water.
Taste: The licorice is very prominent, I’m not a fan of the licorice flavor at all, but I tolerate it for this because it works for me.
Directions: 1 teaspoon (per 125 lbs. body weight) twice per day as needed. If you are experiencing painful cramps try using 1 tsp daily during the month. Then a few days before your period starts try using 3 tsp/day.  During the painful cramps take in heavier dosages as needed.
Price: $12.95 2oz, $39.95 8oz, $119.95 32oz
My thoughts: When my monthly visitor comes I get painful cramps and headaches. I also deal with bloating, fatigue…not to mention those strong cravings for chocolate,lol. I began taking this supplement a few days before I was expecting menstruation to start and let me tell you it lessened the intensity of my cramps, headaches and there was little to no bloating or fatigue. I’ve always been a firm believer in natural and holistic healing so I’m not at all surprise at how well this worked, I just wish I had been taking it for years.

Peace Treaty
This wonderfully soothing combination of herbs has been used to naturally support the central nervous system, body and mind relaxation, and sound sleep. Children with ADD or ADHD have responded favorably to this formula also.
Ingredients:Valerian Root, White Willow Bark, Scullcap, Passion Flower, Chamomile, Hops, Catnip Leaf and Cloves in a base of Kosher Vegetable Glycerine and Reverse Osmosis Water.
Taste: Much like chamomile tea
Directions: 1/4 teaspoon (per 25 lbs. body weight) straight or in water every 3 hours as needed
Price: $12.95 2oz, $39.95 8oz, $119.95 32oz
My thoughts: I got this for my 6 year old daughter who sometimes has trouble staying focused and can be a little rambunctious. She also has a hard time falling to sleep at night. I explained to her what this was the first she took it and in true fashion she began running around wildly exclaimly that it didn’t help her calm down…fast forward 30 minutes later and she was laying on the couch ever so mellow. The best part is it is all natural.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.