Trind Moist & Shiny Nail Kit

My nails aren’t in the best of condition these days. They actually haven’t been a top priority in a while. Several years ago I used to get manicures quite often or at the very least I would do them myself. To be honest I hadn’t even buffed, filed or polished my nails in a while, until recently, when I received this Trind Nail kit and had an excuse to.

Trind Nails

The Trind Moist & Shiny nail kit includes:

>>Acetone Free Extra Mild Nail Polish Remover
>>Nail Repair
>>Nail Balsam

>>Magic Nails (nail buffer)

Trind Most Shiny nail kit

I love this nail polish remover, it is mild and extra gentle on the skin surrounding my nails but it does get the nail polish off my nails. The Magic Nails nail buffer not only smooth’s nails, using it stimulates the production of natural nail moisture for healthier nails.

nail repairnail balsam

The nail repair is a nail strengthener that works by encouraging the protein molecules in the nail to firmly link together. This product also helps maintain the natural nail moisture. The nail balsam is meant to be applied to the nails with the brush and given 1-2 minutes to soak in before massaging excess into the nails and the cuticles for added moisture and shine.


As I stated above my nails were in bad shape. This kit from Trind has helped put some moisture and shine back into them for a healthier look. For this kit and other items you can visit