Toddler Classic SWIMTRAINER Float System

My son has always been a water baby. Since the day we brought him home from the hospital he has loved baths and it has always been a way for us to calm him down when nothing else will do the trick. So, naturally he loves to swim in the summers. This summer we’ve been fortunate enough to have the SWIMTRAINER. The SWIMTRAINER is a very handy floaty for babies, toddlers and even younger kids who are learning to swim.

SwimTrainer for Toddlers

The SWIMTRAINER is different from your average floaty, though. The entire device, including the straps, is inflatable to help keep your child afloat. This floaty has a center that supports the child’s midsection, and puts them in the swimming position to aid in their learning to swim. These features along with clasps all help secure the child further and prevent them from slipping off the floaty.

Toddlers Swim Safety Float Device


>>Ideal swimming position in the water
>>Fast and easy to put on with clip fastener
>>Inflatable pads to prevent slipping through
>>Adjustable safety belt to prevent tipping forwards

swimtrainer reveiw

The swim trainer is super easy to use. It doesn’t take long to inflate it, usually I am horrible at blowing up pool floaties (I guess I’m not so full of hot air), but this one blew up in a cinch. You simply put your child’s head through the inflated straps, fasten the clips at the back:

SwimTrainer for Toddlers

My son really enjoyed being able to float around on the SWIMTRAINER, like I said he loves the water and was totally content in this floaty the entire time we were at the pool.

pool safety for babies toddlers kids

Here is a helpful SWIMTRAINER Instructional video, showing you exactly how it works:

The SWIMTRAINER comes in the following sizes:

>>Approximately 13-40 lbs
>>Helps a little one get comfortable in the water
>>Helps teach correct leg movements

SWIMTRAINER “Classic” Orange
>>Approximately 33-65 lbs
>>Helps teach correct arm and leg movements

SWIMTRAINER “Classic” Yellow
>>Approximately 45-80 lbs
>>Helps transition a child to swimming without any floatation device


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