Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience #JT2020 #cbias

JT 20 20 Experience

I’ve been a Justin Timberlake fan since the NSYNC days. I remember watching their videos on TRL after school with friends. Chillin’ in my room with NSYNC blasting from my cd player. I was a teenager then and can remember being sorely disappointed when the popular boy band went their separate ways. I was ecstatic when Justin Timberlake came out with his first solo album. It’s been fun to “grow up” with JT. Like I said I’ve followed his music career since his “Bye Bye Bye” days and it’s been interesting to see him change as a person and hear the evolution in his music. Having gone from pop boy band status into his solo act with a more R&B feel of “Justified” then to “Bring Sexy Back” with a more progressive rock feel, his music is never the same (like some artists). I have really enjoyed the variation of his music.

20/20 Experience at Walmart

The 20/20 Experience

I was excited for the March 19 release of The 20/20 Experience, after all it has been a few years since we’ve gotten a new album from JT. I couldn’t wait get my hands on this cd. I’d heard “Suit & Tie” (who hasn’t) and while it is catchy enough I was more interested in seeing what the other songs sounded like. Now, my daughter loves “Suit & Tie” so, I was looking forward to enjoying the music with her, too. I love being able to bond with her over music and artists that we both love. I went to Wal-Mart the very after noon the album dropped to pick up a copy. The best part (aside from me getting to go shopping sans kids – I know you mom’s understand) is that The 20/20 Experience is at Wal-Mart for only $7 until March 24! Or if you can’t get away for a shopping trip without the kids you can get it online.

JT The 20 20 Experience

He still looks good…

Justin Timberlake New Album

The Music

This album is actually very different from what I was expecting after hearing the first single “Suit & Tie”. Like Futeresex/Lovesounds, JT’s previous album, The 20/20 Experience was produced by Timbaland, but this album is different in that it not only incorporates the hip hop/dance sounds of Futeresex/Lovesounds but also some of the jazz fusion sounds of the 1970’s. Many of the tracks on the album reminded me of such artists as Barry White or Quincy Jones because of the horn and string arrangements used in their music. Another thing I also liked was the songs aren’t your typical 4 min pop songs. A lot of the songs were 6 and 7 minutes long and the song structure is more like a progressive rock song than pop, hip hop, or soul. Abrupt key changes and various different types of rhythms and harmonies fused together with lush string and horn arrangements make this a very different album for JT. I really enjoy the entire album. It still definitely has the JT and Timbaland feel of the previous album so fans of Futeresex/Lovesounds will not be disappointed with this one.

JT 2020 Experience

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