Doable DIY Decorating

I wish I were more talented in the creative way that some of the DIY’ers on Pinterest are. Nonetheless, I found several gorgeous projects easy enough for even yours truly to make! Behold…DOABLE DIY!!

Source: via Jackie on Pinterest

The Best Of Pinterest Pumpkins!

I love the Fall. It’s beautiful and it gives me a little more time before I need to hunker down for another winter. One of my favorite Fall delights are…pumpkins! I am so happy that there are zillions of truly creative and talented folks out there who share their ideas on Pinterest. Here are some beautiful ways to use pumpkins as part of your fall decorating this year.
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Source: via Holly on Pinterest

Dreaming about houses…

Since our family will be moving, and we will be buying the cheapest house we can find, in the nicest neighborhood we can afford, having to redo the kitchen and baths is going to be  inevitable. Not looking forward to the process, but I am excited that, for the first time ever, I will be able to live in a space that is based on MY preferences, and not the previous owner’s.  I  like to browse pics of  kitchens, baths, bedrooms and anything at all related to interior design looking for ideas, colors, textures and layouts that appeal to me.

I am going to need some creative ways to get the look I want because what I like is a little (LOL) out of my budget!



The Evergreen House modern bathroom
Fairfield House modern bathroom
Saratoga Creek House modern kitchen

If you were going to update/remodel your house, would you sty with the same overall style you have now, or go in an entirely new direction?



Just wishing…

Found this here– I’m sooo dreaming of this in my lottery fantasies.