How to Make A Chore Chart

This is a guest post by the fabulous Shay from Mainly Braids.

how to make a chore chart

How to Make A Chore Chart

I think it’s important to teach our children cleanliness and the value of a dollar. Although I’m a stay at home mom I think there’s no reason I should pick up my son’s toy trucks 80 times a day when he’s perfectly capable of doing that himself. I’m a firm believer that a clean home is a happy home.. or at least in the case of my family anyway. My kids are 3 and 5 and I decided it was time for a chore chart that they could easily see and use by themselves.
I searched on Google and Pinterest (follow us!) looking for some cool chore chart ideas. I found a lot of them but I didn’t want to make anything too difficult, expensive and time consuming. I combined a lot of ideas and came up with one simple, cheap, and effective chore chart!

The items you will need are:
>>1 1/2 inch disc circles
>>magnetic tape
>>card stock or paper
>>mod podge (bought or homemade)
>>paint brush
chore chart board how to
Decide the chores you’d like for your kids and assign prices/prizes for each chore completed. I decided to add in things that my kids need to work on like reading, writing, and team work.
chore chart magnet tutorial
You may use mine if you’d like, just print out and cut within the inside of the circle and it’ll be a perfect fit to your disc circles. If you don’t want those chores or prices you could easily white it out in paint or use and fill in your own. I used font Quicksand on picmonkey if interested on keeping the same font.
From here it’s pretty easy work. Print, cut out and mod podge to the circles. Once they are dry do a top coat of mod podge and stick some magnetic tape on the back and voila! *To make homemade “mod podge” mix equal parts glue and water. I’ve used it to make our photo canvas pictures with no issues. I also used it to attach the mod podge label to that jar over a year and a half ago and it’s still holding strong!*
diy chore chart
To keep things easy my kids are allowed to pick no more than 2 jobs a day. It keeps them from getting overwhelmed and insures that they do their job accurately and not in a hurry just to earn extra money.
This project cost me a whole $2.97 before I used my coupon. The discs are $1.97 at my Michael’s and the magnetic tape was .97. They typically have a 40% coupon that you can print online so that makes it even cheaper!

Homeschooling: Challenging with the potential for joy

Homeschooling: Challenging with the Potential for Joy

Homeschooling is both a challenge and a joy.  The day to day tasks can become cumbersome and being together 24/7 can occasionally put a strain on relationships. But it is through the togetherness and learning as a family that some of the best memories can be made.


Along the way, I noticed that some subjects were more of a joy to teach.  Often times, it was more fun to teach the subjects the boys wanted to learn. But, what surprised me when reflecting on Picking My Favorite Subject to Teachis that the area in which I feel the weakest brought me the greatest joy.

Teaching my younger boys to read gave me such satisfaction in seeing them acquire the skill sets they needed to become life-long readers.  As a definite book worm, this brought a smile to my face.  But, beyond that was knowing that this essential skill had been acquired and I was capable to teaching them without having spent years training for it.  No child is being left behind in my house when it comes to reading and comprehending! 

Reflecting upon the hurdles we faced when one son struggled to ‘get’ the phonics patterns, I can see that patience, faith in a child’s ability and perseverance got us through.  All of which are good things to remember when faced with any obstacle or challenge.  So I would say that the teacher learned something along the way, too.

And, that is the essence of why homeschooling can bring me great joy.  I get to learn alongside my boys!

Laura O in AK homeschools her boys up in the Last Frontier (aka Alaska!)  You can follow along with their journey through life at Day by Day in Our World.

Laura O’Neill

Day by Day in Our World

A Catholic homeschool family with four boys sharing from their lives in Alaska as well as product reviews and giveaways.

Why Choose Home Schooling?

 This is a guest post.
Why Choose Home Schooling?

At one time, homeschooling was considered a radical choice, but it has become increasingly popular, as families are learning about the many benefits that come from teaching our children
outside of the normal school venues. So, why is it, that so many families are turning to homeschooling, as the primary form of educating their children?

There are as many reasons to home school, as there are “types” of homeschooling. Some choose the home school route for religious reasons, others, because of overcrowding in
both public and private schools, and many choose to school at home, due to their children’s individual learning styles, medical, and/or emotional needs. Safety issues are another mounting
factor, as is the quality (or lack thereof) of the education, that children are now receiving in many mainstream school arenas.
Who better to structure a child’s learning system, than a child’s family? Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, are, after all, a child’s most influential source of knowledge, and set the basic
value system that one carries throughout life. We are our children’s foremost teachers. We put our children’s needs, interests, and assets, ahead of the norm of, “teaching to standardized

To be able to create a safe, comfortable, and inviting learning atmosphere, benefits both child and caregiver. Homeschooling can strengthen family bonds, broaden the scope of learning, and
actually increase a child’s ability to learn to cope in an ever increasingly scary world. Learning takes place everywhere, NOT, just in the traditional classroom. Education begins at home…why
not keep it there!


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