Gifts for Kids: Morphology JR Game

I love the idea of kids getting board games for Christmas. When I was a kid I loved board games and card games. I have so many memories of playing these types of games with my sister, cousins and friends. We had a Nintendo, which of course we enjoyed, but board games are more personal and interactive, they allow kids to connect with the the other players face to face rather than on a tv or computer screen.

morpholgy board games

Morphology and Morphology Junior are games that give a creative spin on Pictionary. Players “build” words (like “airplane” for instance) using the included items of string, wooden sticks and beads, other payers must guess what they have built. To make it even more fun rules like “eyes closed” and “string only” are thrown in and have everyone laughing out loud!

morpholgy board games

Morphology is designed for those 13 years of age and up and was TIME Magazine’s Number 2 Toy of the Year in 2009. Morphology Junior, made for kids 8 and up, was the Creative Child Magazine’s 2012 Game of the Year. Both games can be purchased online and are also sold at the following stores: Barnes & Nobles, Books-A-Million, Marbles, Scholar’s Choice, Indigo! and Timberdoodle Co.

Morphology Price: $24.99

Morphology Junior: $29.99

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November 16-30 you will have a chance to win your choice of one of the 2 Morphology games, as a part of the Jingle Jubilee Giveaway Event. Be sure you are connected with us on Facebook and Twitter so you can see our announcements.