Aurorae Yoga Mat, Accessories and Apparel

I recently started including yoga in my fitness journey. While I’m not too balanced or as flexible as I like to be I love my yoga sessions. It relaxes me, yet energizes me all at the same time. It makes me feel so good! I did yoga for a few weeks without a mat or proper attire, I knew I needed it and decided to sit down one day and look online for yoga mats and apparel. I discovered Aurorae Yoga. They’ve got a range of different mats that all sound great, I ultimately received their Synergy Yoga Mat/Towel in purple. Not only is it gorgeous, the eco friendly material makes it very soft to the touch and provides nice padding for yoga poses and other exercises and there is no slipping and sliding around on this mat. 

Aurora Yoga Mat
Yoga Mat

The bottom of the mat provides some traction and prevents the mat from slipping on any surface. When I received this mat and rolled it out I was presently surprised by how thick long it is. The length of the mat is a whopping 72 inches, so it is plenty long enough for even the tallest people. You can purchase this mat on amazon here.

Aurora Yoga MatLeg stretch with Yoga Strap

Being a yoga novice I knew I would also need some help with some poses, I’ve been relying on the yoga strap to achieve some of these deep stretches and poses.  Of course the right apparel is a must whether you are a beginner or a yoga master. Aurorae has a tank top, cropped pant and long pant that are fitted but don’t restrict your movement.

yoga top

Aurorae Yoga is your one stop, go to shop for all yoga items, they provide all types of mats, apparel and accessories needed.

Win It!

With Mothers Day just around the corner we thought it would be fun to put together a Mothers’ Day Package! Aurorae is giving one of our lucky readers the following items: a Lavender Harmony Candle and their Micro Fiber Sport/Yoga Towel in purple.

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More oxygen. Less weight.



Are you looking forward to the Holidays? I am. Are you looking forward to all the great food? Pies, casseroles, turkey, ham and piles of mashed potatoes and gravy? Me too. But, at the same time I DREAD this time of year. I tend to add a bit of “padding” to my frame each and every year. Toss in a hectic schedule and meals on the go and before you know it you are shopping for a bigger pair of jeans. Ugh. Or maybe not. Did you know that you can help your body shed fat…by giving it extra oxygen?Really.  Oxygen can actually  increase metabolism help to flush fat-trapping toxins from your body, increase energy and decrease fatigue. According to research at University of Edinburgh, the ability of our intestines to process and absorb nutrients can drop by 75% when the oxygen supply is diminished.We are typically shallow breathers so our bodies just can’t perform at peak levels. To lose fat already stored in the body, the fat must be combined with oxygen to help burn it. Research has shown that a large percentage of Americans use less than 25% of their lungs’ capacity. Merely increasing oxygen intake through proper breathing can increase the body’s ability to burn fat by 100% or more. Did you see that little catch? You have to breathe properly. Which can be hard. Thankfully, you can use the Breathslim. I will explain to you what this is and then tell you my thoughts after using it.

From their site:

In the early 90’s, a group of international scientists and enthusiasts decided to turn their research to an ancient healing art that has been practiced for tens of thousands of years.For 20 years, these dedicated scientists studied virtually every method of breathing exercise from the ancient Oriental systems to such modern spin-offs as Buteyko and Holotropic breathing.Their research proved that while different breathing methods produce different results, all of them had a therapeutic effect. They concluded that practicing any breathing technique is better than practicing none at all. Fast forward to 1996: In 1996, their research led to the development of the world’s first respiratory training device (FRTD). The FRTD, a state-of-the-art breathing device that remedies diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems, is patented and registered in many countries including the United States. The Food and Drug Administration of U. S. (FDA) approved it in 1998. More than 3 million FRTD devices have been sold all over the world.Lab studies showed, during 12 years of monitoring, that there are absolutely NO negative side effects. The only known side effects are: increased energy and a dramatic decrease of sleep problems, stress and tiredness.In 2006, at the annual meeting of IntellectBreathing in Prague, experts discussing lung and cardiac disease treatments noted one other, rather remarkable “side effect” of using the FRTD. They discovered that not only was the FRTD effective at treating asthma and hypertension, but in the first month of treatment, more than 82% of patients using the FRTD also noticed a drop in excess weight. Some of them lost as much as 44 pounds in just two months.

A second team of scientists from the U. S., Europe and the Russian Federation began to conduct even more research, discovering that the delivery of extra oxygen burned through fat through a process called oxidation. They discovered that it takes about 16 pounds of oxygen to burn two pounds of excess weight. So with the FRTD, people’s blood streams were filled with about 24 percent oxygen which couldn’t help but increase the oxidation (or burning) of fat. They also discovered that with the delivery of extra oxygen also reduced food cravings.Their research led to a modification of the original FRTD which resulted in the invention of Breathslim®, a safe, effective, healthy way to lose weight.

Obviously a product with a solid background. Impressive. But what is it really like to use and what effects will you really see? Well, right off the bat I have bad news. If you have teens or a comedian husband, you need to be ready for big time teasing. My family didn’t miss a single chance to make fun of me for breathing into the Breathslim. That’s the bad news. The rest is good. I will freely admit that it was tricky to “get” the technique down for breathing the right way using this. I didn’t realize I had been breathing wrong all these years! LOL. Once I got the hang of it, I was able to do about 10 minutes (sometimes about 7) at a time. It actually made me feel like I had been working out. I couldn’t believe it. A few other things that happened:  I lost almost two pounds as of 45 minutes ago when I weighed myself before I started writing. I HAVE NOT changed my diet or done anything else so that I could give real feedback. I did have a mild headache the first few nights, I didn’t pop any ibuprofen for it, I’d guess the headaches lasted about an hour, and went away. I noticed that my taste buds seem to be working better, and I’ve stopped at one plate of Alfredo and a few other dinners because I felt full, I hope that continues. After the first few days I started sleeping really deeply. Actually, forget losing weight… the sleep side effect is almost my favorite thing. The actual process is easy. You follow the directions on how to put the Breathslim together (20 seconds) and then get comfy at your kitchen table ( I use my laptop table on the couch so I can watch Good Luck Charlie reruns) and then you breathe in, hold your breath for 5 seconds and exhale through the mouthpiece. The design ensures you will be modifying the way you breath to properly oxygenate your body. 20 minutes is recommended, but as I said… I’m not there yet. All in all, I’d go out and buy it myself. I can feel changes in my body and I like that things are happening and I get to watch TV  while I’m doing it. I don’t even mind the teasing!

To learn more visit their website and you can find them on Facebook and twitter as well.