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The CookieCoo Dancing Star app lets kids play along with their favorite traditional children’s songs, like “Hokey Pokey,” while watching a whimsical 3D cookie character dance and sing with the music. CookieCoo Dancing Star is a perfect combination of fun and learning—it’s a game parents can feel good about letting their kids play, because they’ll be learning and practicing important concepts while they enjoy themselves.


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Fotobounce – A Review

Keeping up to date with friends and family that live far away has changed so much in recent years. When my mom was small you had the phone, when my grandma was little you had to mail letters, or actually travel, no small feat in the days of wagons and early automobiles. Now, with the available technology surrounding us, letting Aunt Mabel see how much Jimmy has grown is as easy as sharing pics via internet. Great, right? Well, sort of. We don’t live in an entirely friendly world. Privacy concerns should be at the top of anyone’s list when they are online. And the privacy and security of your personal photos is very important as well. I want to feel freedom in sharing, without worry.
Fotobounce is an incredible  FREE software program that puts you in complete control of your pictures. With Fotobounce your albums are stored on your own laptop or desktop and gives you the ability to create your own private network (Bouncers) of friends and family, to share images, safely. There is so much built into Fotobounce.Fotobounce employs advanced photo organizing techniques that include the use of face recognition to save time when tagging your photos.
You can also connect to your photos remotely using the Fotobounce Viewer application. Remote web access is also possible using Fotomobile. You can export your photos to a USB stick, or even a digital photo frame. You can create numerous print products such as photobooks, posters, calendars, and even mugs through our print partners. See whether friends are online or offline similar to Skype™. Invitations are emailed, along with sample photos. Full control over privacy of personal photo collection. Tags remain “intact” when tagged photos are transferred.

Do you use Facebook? A quick list of the ways Fotobounce enhances your time there:
Create private photo sharing networks
Transfer full resolution photo images
Identify and tag family & friends
Built-in face recognition (the latest version is even more powerful!)
Organize your photos by People in addition to Collections, Events and Places
Facebook, Flickr and AirSet integration
View photos from your mobile device

I think that Fotobounce would be perfect for teens. Being able to create a private network with their friends would avoid so many of the headlines we see in the news nowadays regarding inappropriate use of pictures. Scout groups, teams, babysitting clubs, reunion groups…I can think of dozens of ways to use Fotobounce besides a family group!

I think Fotobounce it the ultimate way to keep friends and family close, whether near or far. With the ease of use and the control on the “how” you share, this is a networking platform you have to try! Download Fotobounce here“>Download Fotobounce here  (it’s FREE!!!!) and start creating your own private network today! You can find Fotobounce on Facebook, too!