NewBeauty TestTube – The Ultimate Product Sampling Program- Fall 2012


Yay, yay! The Fall 2012 New Beauty Test Tube has arrived. Loaded with great products, I had a blast digging in. *Don’t know what the New Beauty Test Tube is? Pop over HERE to read my first review, where I tell you exactly how it works. I’ll wait… What do you think?Cool, huh?*

Now read on to find out about the goodies. Several full sized items, and terrific deluxe samples.

Olay Deep Wrinkle Treatment: Full size $40.00- $44.00

I’ve used this before and liked it. There are other Olay products I just don’t like but this one is good. This cream is light but rich, and absorbs quickly. Targeting the deeper wrinkles, this is drugstore option that actually works.  Will probably buy again since I have in the past. Great to get the full size.

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask:  Deluxe Sample Size

You know how everyone always loves the after color conditioners that come in drugstore hair color boxes? This super thick mask gives you that same oh-so-soft,  touch-my-hair feeling.  It’s totally fabulous. The sample is a great big deluxe size- enough for several treatments. The scent is beautiful, too. I’d buy it.

IT Cosmetics- Bye Bye Undereye: Sample

A truly incredible concealer. It covers even the darkest circles, even covers that little vein o the side of my nose (!!!) and you only need a dab. Blends, covers, lasts. I will buy. Definitely.

dr. brandt-dark circles away: Sample

This is a nice enough eye cream, and I know it gets rave reviews, but I don’t love it. Feels a little too watery, and my make up doesn’t really apply well over it.  Probably wouldn’t buy. So it’s great to get a chance to find that out, before you lay out the cash.

Philosophy-Hope in a Jar: Sample

This is actually a moisturizer I almost always have on hand. Since I try so many products that have anti-aging and exfoliating effects, I like to take a break every now and then with my skin care regime. I use this as a nice, light but very moisturizing stand in. Very nice to get the sample, since it’s a shade spendy.  Will buy again, since I’m a regular, if sporadic,  user.  


Yon-Ka- Masque N*1: Full size $58.00

Wowsa. This was my first time trying anything in this line, or even knowing about it for that matter. I decided to try it after an at home microdermabrasion session. All I can say is wow. Wow. My face felt so …supple. I am head over heels and now want to try the entire line. It goes on more like a lotion than a regular mask, and I left it on overnight. I adore. Adore! Will buy as soon as I have some mad money. It’s spendy. But… well, I’m Worth It. LOL.

CellCeuticals PhotoDefense Color Radiance SPF 55+:Full size $47.50

I love everything about this. I ran out of my SPF lotion the day before the tube arrived. I was happy, happy to see this full size item, and I remember thinking “oh, please be a good one!” It is. Super light, with just a touch of sheer color to lightly brighten your face. I am obsessed with SPF because of all those baby-oil and iodine years with tin-foiled cardboard splash screens. Oh yes I did!!! I held my breath for two days waiting to see if I would break out with this formula (I never did back when I was abusing my skin…go figure!) but, luckily no blemishes. For the price, not sure if I would buy again, but I do like it very much.

Kneipp Eucalyptus Herbal Bath 

This is for a relaxing bath or a clearing bath when you feel sniffles coming on. I have actually been adding a drop or two to the water on our wood stove! It seems refreshing and invigorating combined with a few drops of lemon juice, just simmering away throuh out the day. I’ll certainly try it the next time I have a bath, too. I’d buy it.

All in all, another INCREDIBLE value- over $150.00 worth of products, for less than $30.00…plus the New Beauty magazine. Fun, fun, fun!! This would make such a great gift, folks. Christmas is almost here….

As always, you can go HERE to read what other users have to say, and you can find New Beauty on Facebook and Twitter, so you don’t miss a thing!


NewBeauty TestTube – The Ultimate Product Sampling Program- Summer 2012

After a long weekend, I was feeling kind of down, tired and, well, cranky. I needed a perk me up and…. abracadabra!  The hot pink Summer 2012 edition of the NewBeauty TestTube arrived. Like a little Christmas party in the summer, with me as the guest of honor. Have you heard of the NewBeauty TestTube? It’s a wonderful sampling program that allows you to try deluxe samples and even full size beauty and skin care products, so you can decide if you like something, before you splash out the cash. It’s so much fun to get your testtube full of goodies. Not knowing what’s inside is a little beauty buzz rush…it could be anything!  And, obviously choosing to package it in the tube, in hot pink?? Instant happy. BTW: My empty tube is working great as a place to store my panty hose :-p Looks cute in the closet, too. Anyway…..

I admit I had already peeked before I had my daughter snap this pic. But I only saw the top item or two.


SOO much fun to see what beauty treats were mine to try!



My three favorites.

Mally High Shine Liquid Lipstick. Full size.  $20.00  A super shiny, full coverage 4 in 1 formula. Works as lip primer, lip gloss, lipstick and lip liner. I LOVE this. I got the “Just Heaven” color and it’s perfect.


Me wearing the Mally Liquid Lipstick, in Just Heaven. Love the shine, the color is soft and pretty.

it’s a 10. Miracle Leave-in.  4 oz.  I am hooked on this leave in. I’m glad I keep my Coz license current because I will be buying this (at cost, lol) again and again.

Lumene. Time Freeze Firming night cream. I recently used this for the first time so was happy to get a nice sized sample. A really rich, creamy night treatment. Doesn’t irritate or make me wake up with that “heavy skin” feeling.

Me with my three favorites.



Also included:

dr. Brandt microdermabrasion body exfoliating cream. Sample tube. This is a great body exfoliator. The ONLY reason I’m not adding this as a favorite is because I don’t love the scent. It works wonderfully, has a great texture and a perfect “grit” … it’s just that since I used it in a hot, steamy shower, I wanted more of a fragrance. I like my showers to be relaxing and filled with spa inspired scents. My skin did glow and was as soft as a baby bottom so even with the scent not being my preference, I’d buy it.

Jane Iredale Tantasia. Sample tube. A self tanner with color guide. I just tried this last night. A really good tanner that gives a true looking tan. Since it was a sample size I just tried it on the side of my hip. The color today is very pretty. I’d buy it. I probably wouldn’t have, though without trying it first.

Ahava Time To Hydrate Essential Day Moisturizer. Sample tube. I’m impressed with this. Doesn’t have an overly pretty scent, but  it soothed my itchy skin like a dream! I had several little bug bites on my calves and ankles from being outside on the trails. I know better than to go traipsing around out here in shorts and flip flops but I did and paid for it. I had put this on my counter intending to toss it in my purse, so when I came in it was the first lotion handy. Seriously within a few seconds of slathering my legs and ankles…the itch was totally gone. It’s not advertised for itch relief, but I am buying this. Great product.

Neutrogena Brightening Eye Perfector. Full Size $13.99  A nice concealer with SPF 25. Went on smooth, a little creamy, easy to blend. I’d buy it.

Hydroxatone InstantEffect. 15 packets. An instant tightening serum. The one product I haven’t yet tested, but has actually been on my list of  “To Try” items for a while.

Olay Pro-X Clear Complexion Renewing Lotion. Sample tube. I gave this a try and it perfectly highlights how awesome the NewBeauty TestTube program is. Because I don’t like this product and I’m so glad I got to try it first. My skin felt “draggy” right away after I used it. Of course I gave it another go, but second and third tries were flops for me too. It has gotten some great reviews, but just not something I’d buy again.

Neutrogena  Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum. Full Size. $19.99-$22.99  Another product I wanted to try but hadn’t yet bought. I like this a lot. Not greasy, absorbs quickly and gives an instant smooth feel to your skin. I’ll probably buy this again.

Also in the tube:

A copy of NewBeauty magazine, special issue. SO much in this magazine. Beauty and skin care addicts dream. I usually skim, I am going page by page!

3 gift cards  for SpaLook. Good for anywhere from $10.00 to $50.00 off. Minimum purchase required.

A glossy, large sized brochure highlighting the products in the testtube.


All in all, a great time was had by all (me) at my NewBeauty party. The full size products are great to get and the samples are the nice deluxe size, which means you really get to try the product, not just tear open a foil packet and hope a drop of something squeezes out.

Worth it for $29.95. The total ARV of this tube easily surpasses the cost. Getting the magazine is a real bonus, as it is totally full of beauty products, tips and stuff that is actually interesting.  You can also read what other subscribers thought about the products, here. Check out NewBeauty on Facebook and Twitter for news and updates.