Doable DIY Decorating

I wish I were more talented in the creative way that some of the DIY’ers on Pinterest are. Nonetheless, I found several gorgeous projects easy enough for even yours truly to make! Behold…DOABLE DIY!!

Source: via Jackie on Pinterest

This Pug's For You

I love Pugs. Here is a cute little collection of darling Pug pics. Enjoy!

The Best Of Pinterest Pumpkins!

I love the Fall. It’s beautiful and it gives me a little more time before I need to hunker down for another winter. One of my favorite Fall delights are…pumpkins! I am so happy that there are zillions of truly creative and talented folks out there who share their ideas on Pinterest. Here are some beautiful ways to use pumpkins as part of your fall decorating this year.
Like a picture? Go follow their boards!

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Face Palm Friday 9/21


So… it’s been awhile since I’ve done a Face Palm post, but I had to share this with you.  I still feel like an idiot, three weeks later, lol.

Recently I had to run into town to do a few errands. I wasn’t in a hurry so I was side tracked by all the Yard Sale signs. At one intersection there were several different signs all pointing in the same direction, so I turned into the neighborhood and started looking for them. I saw a huge one, stopped and started to browse. Goldmine! I love stumbling on those really good ones where the people have quality junk! There was a lot of furniture, and tub after tub of really nice clothes and knick- knacks. Most of the stuff was arranged on the driveway, and a little on the grass, along with a lawn chair by a box – their pay table I guessed. No one was there for the moment. So I started a little pile of treasures, including a fantastic jewelry box and some other odds and ends.  So that’s your mental picture, me with my head down,  taking stuff out of tubs and boxes, and often, putting something in my ” to buy” pile off to the side in the yard area.

Suddenly, this woman comes rushing out the front door, the  air turning blue as she is yelling at me- “What the %^#@ are you doing?” and about 10 variations of the same thing. I’m standing there, mouth agape, my arms full of jackets, and a quilt, and this women is just going off!

Soooooo….it turns out that these people were NOT having a yard sale. Her hub and son were cleaning out their garage, and had gone for lunch, when this woman looks out her window and sees yours truly going through all their stuff! It took a little while for her to calm down, as I explained ” I thought I was shopping!”  all the while I am putting my “finds” back in tubs, re-folding the clothing…she just watched… and I was 50 shades of red! 

I found the nerve to ask ” Do you want to sell the jewelry box?”  “NO!!!!!”

I walked back to my car, face-palming the whole way!

I wear a disguise now….

Love My Hummingbirds!

Okay, so these are not the best pics…I wouldn’t submit them to Birds N’ Blooms Magazine, but aren’t these little hummers cute? We love sitting outside and watching them at our feeders and in our trees.

Need A Grin?

I don’t know why some things strike me as funny, but these two pics got me.

Dream Homes – What Does Yours Look Like?

I love my little house and our little plot of land. I am grateful every day for the blessing of having a roof over my family and food to eat. That said, like everyone else I enjoy daydreaming and find it relaxing to browse through pictures of beautiful and exotic locales.

Here are a few photos of  dream homes and beautiful places that I love.




What does your dream home or luxury vacation spot look like?

How to spend your money if you hit the lottery…Orsos Islands!

So…I just wanted to share what I’ll be spending my money on if I ever get a winning Lotto ticket.

This is from a company called Orsos Islands, they build energy independent ISLANDS!!!


Just look….

Can you IMAGINE??

I can!!!

Social Media Pillows

I came across these items and thought they were cute, so I wanted to share:


I feel this way sometimes….