Keeping Baby Safe with KidSafe: Gateway Baby Gate Review

Last night my toddler (22 months old) climbed out of his crib for the first time. It was 1am, he had been asleep for hours, so when I heard him stirring and whimpering…I laid there, hoping he would go back to sleep. After a few minutes the fussing became full blown cries…still hoping he would soothe himself and go back to sleep, I waited…the cries stopped. Then I heard footsteps and more crying as he came trotting into our room. He had finally done it… he climbed out of his crib all by himself. We’ve been expecting it. We knew this time would come sooner or later. Luckily we had set up a baby gate the very evening before this early morning shenanigan took place.

kidco baby gate review

Just last week we received a KidCo Gateway Pressure Gate from KidSafe… Literally in the nick of time. I had been so worried about him being able to, one day, climb out of his crib and wander around the house. Needless to say I worried about his safety for when the time came that he was able to escape from his crib.

“Safer homes for kids. Peace of mind for parents.”

This is an excellent gate, I love that it is a swinging gate and opens and closes with ease in both directions. I’ve had a cheap gate that didn’t swing open and closed, you know the ones, you have to take down or climb over each time you want to enter/leave the room. It was such a pain and we literally only used it about 2 times, before we decided it wasn’t worth the hassle, not to mention it would fall down at the slightest push, pull or tug. This gate is completely sturdy and it is easy to install and doesn’t tear up the door frames. It comes with just a few pieces in which you add to install the gate

kidco baby gate reviewbaby safety


Features I Love:
One-hand open (easy for mom, hard for baby)
>>Non damaging to walls, trim and doorways
>>Installs quickly, no tools needed
>>Heavy duty steel construction
>>Passes all ASTM and JPMA safety standards
>>One-of-a-kind handle has Pressure-Plus technology which forces additional outward pressure after each use.


Buy It: Buy this and other quality child safety products to baby proof the home and office from Get the Gateway Pressure Gate on sale now for $59.95, they shipped my item very quickly, too!

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Literary Love Give Away Hop: Ottlite Reading Lamp

Hi all, I am proud to be a part of the Literary Love Hop organized byViews From the ‘Ville and Money Saving Mindy. This giveaway is, of course centered around our love for reading. In order to curl up with a good book you need a well lit area, right? So we are giving away this gorgeous table lamp courtesy of Ottlite. Read our review of their Alexander Table Lamp (the one we are giving away).

table lamp giveaway
The giveaway will run from August 7-21 and is open to US residents, enter to win using the Rafflecopter entry form below:

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Ottlite Alexander Table Lamp with Natural Light Perfect for Reading

I often like to stay up reading or “working” on the laptop when the man of the house wants to go to bed, so I must read or work by lamp light. I recently upgraded my little bedside lamp to that of an Ottlite Alexander Table Lamp as pictured below:

alexander table lamp reviewIlluminate your modern style

>>Natural daylight lamp
>>Brushed nickel finish
>>Flexible neck for easy light adjustment
>>Type M Bulb included. Rated to last up to 10,000 hours
Product Dimensions:
>>Max. Height: 23″
>>Min. Height: 17″
>>Base Diameter: 6.88″
>>Weight: 7.06 lb
>>Reg. $149.99 / Sale $109.99

This lamp is lovely. It was surprisingly much taller and a lot brighter next to the lamp I had and used prior to receiving this one from Ottlite. My old lamp was just a cheapie I had bought on sale at Wal-Mart years ago, I was in desperate need of an upgrade. You can see the difference in lighting below..I can’t believe I was ever able to read with that old lamp, no wonder I usually had headaches at night.

reading lamp

I love the flexible neck on the Alexander lamp, it allows for movement and light placement where it’s needed most at any given time. The base is nice and sturdy. The color is beautiful and goes perfectly with the fixtures around our home.

lamp and base

It gives off a bright, natural light that makes reading books, magazines, etc much easier on the eyes. It has an on/off switch that is simple to operate.

lamp and switch

I am absolutely loving my new table lamp from Ottlite.

Ottlite Lamp Review

Discount: Sign up for the Ottlite newsletter and get 20% off your first order.
Win It! We are giving away an Alexander Table Lamp as a part of the Literary Givaway Hop that will begin Aug 7 and run through Aug 21!! Be sure to come back and enter to win. Get a head start on the giveaway entries by connecting with Ottlite:

                                                                                                       Ottlite Online | Facebook | Twitter


Christmas in July: Thompson’s WaterSeal Giveaway

Thompsons waterseal logo

Welcome to the Christmas in July Hop, organized by the lovely Weidknecht  and Going Crazy Wanna Go?!. Our giveaway is being sponsored by Thompson’s WaterSeal.  Is your deck or porch in need of some TLC? Thompson’s WaterSeal has a line deck and wood waterproofing, cleaning and staining products for all your wood and deck protecting needs.

Find Thompson’s WaterSeal on Facebook and Twitter

gorgeous deck

12 Days of Christmas in July hosted by Weidknecht Events Going Crazy {July 20-31}
One case of Waterproofer and one case of Deck Cleaner (value $120)

Deck Cleaner
>>Remove stains from dirt, mildew, algae and fungus
>>Prevent water damage
>>Coating resists mildew and UV damage
>>Specially formulated for exterior wood

One person will receive one case of Waterproofer and one case of Deck Cleaner (value $120). This giveaway will run from July 20-July 31 and is open to US residents 18 and up. Enter to win using the Rafflecopter form below. The hop over to the other blogs and enter their giveaways! Good Luck!

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Photobucket – Take My Walls!

Easy Canvas PrintsEasy Canvas Prints

You know how I told you that we got all our painting done to get our house sold? And now we are probably not moving this year? Well, just something as simple as changing paint color can totally re-invent your space and I found that I wanted a fresh look in our living room. I decided that about 90% of my knick-knacks and what-nots were NOT going to be unpacked. I’m REDECORATING. Yay!

The only pics on my blog that sort of shows what color we had before is this little post that I put up to show off a portion of our books, and this one about when we did our bathroom ,  there is shot of our dining room area in it. As you can see, our home was in earth tones with a buttery color on the walls. My beloved roosters were everywhere and everything was antiques or vintage something or other. I still adore my stuff but really wanted something crispier and well, sparse. Not sterile but less clutter. The new wall color is very similiar to the color we went with in the kids’ bathroom. A shade or two lighter and slightly more blue. And for knick-knacks? Well, now I’m indulging my love of birds other than roosters. Mostly songbirds, and I also like black and white landscapes. My chosen accent color? Turquoise, of course! I love the way it pops. Finding cute accessories in that shade is hard, though. I recieved a cute jpeg of birds on a wire in exactly the shade I love and planned to print it on photo paper and frame it. But when I was contacted to offer a giveaway to you guys for …well eureka. I’d use that pic and turn it into a beautiful canvas print!

Do you like it?


I had a hard time getting a good picture of my wall, but the color is so pretty on the canvas, isn’t it?  If you were here you’d see that it is a series of wires with dozens of very pretty little birds perched this way and that- so cute♥ ! I also realized my other pics over the tv were crooked, lol. Oops.

It turned out awesome and ordering from the site is soo easy! You are guided through the process whereby you choose size, wrap, with or without frame, and you can use your pics or theirs.  They even let you know if the quality of your picture is good enough to transfer to canvas! Maybe you want a color finish? You have that option too! It took about 5 minutes, tops. My new canvas arrived quickly and safely packaged.   It looks perfect.

Do you have a special family photo you’d love to turn into art? With their summer savings special you can get 25% off  all canvas and free shipping!

Do you want to win a canvas print of your own? Head over HERE and enter!


Ottlite Natural Make Up Mirror – Pretty, Pretty, Pretty


You guys know I spend a ridiculous amount of time indulging one of my addictions. Make up and skin care. I get all happy when a product line I love adds a new color or maybe a new treatment. Or when I discover a new brand. I just love, love all things beauty related. Can’t help it.

In other places I’ve lived I’ve always had some sort of vanity area for my various gadgets and all my products. Usually the master bath had a place where I set up shop, so to speak. A place with storage, good light and tucked away a little. In this house, although the master is large-ish, there just isn’t a good spot to do my make up. The only window is over the tub and there is a half wall dividing it from the sinks and mirror. So, I do things like masks, laser zapping (♥) waxing, peeling etc. in the bathroom, but usually take my make up out to the living room with a mirror so I can get good light  from the big windows there.  Of course I’ve been planning on setting up a pretty make up table in my room but… well you know how it goes. Always something popping up that “needs” to be done before you can get to your “I want” list.

When I got the chance to review the Ottlite Natural MakeUp Mirror, I decided NOW is the time. Because of the fantastic lighting on this mirror, I don’t need to be next to windows with natural light to get natural light. I can be anywhere. So. I had an old table that I had been using for our bird cage, a really cute little table with turned legs and leaves you can have up or down. I traded a little desk with our feathered sweetie (he didn’t mind) and painted the table a pretty satin black. I am getting some brushed nickel knobs for it and “viola” my new vanity♥

I L♥ve it!

Not only do I finally have my own space again, I am loving the crispy clear light this make up mirror gives me. It is so pure and natural. I can do my makeup at midnight with this baby, and my skin would look as though I sat outside at high noon. I love it! The magnified side of the mirror is great. My image is not warped at all.  So, yeah, it sucks to really, really get a good look at your pores(bleh) and various skin imperfections but lovely to be able to perfectly blend your makeup, to be able to see those teeny fine hairs when you are tweezing your brows or to get a close look at your lash line for smudging your liner. I’ve tried too many lighted mirrors to count but always had the same complaint…yellow light. Even on so called “natural” settings I was always displeased with that unrealistic yellow cast other mirrors had. Hence, me tromping out to my living room to do my make up by the windows.



While the white mirror is lovely in my room ( I found some pretty decals at Micheal’s I’m getting to customize it)  one of the prettiest makeup mirrors ever is this one:

The OttLite Natural Makeup Mirror – Turquoise & Brown. Isn’t is gorgeous??

If you have been a quest to find THAT PERFECT MIRROR…don’t fret anymore. I found it for you♥



Frigidaire Appliance Accessories


I am always looking for greener and safer alternatives to..well everything! I recently found out that the Frigidaire Appliance Accessories web-store has environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies, called ecosential by Smart Choice. Their 3 piece combo kit is available for $18.99.

green eco friendly cleaners

The ecosential Combo Kit includes:
             >>ecosential by Smart Choice™ Stainless Steel Cleaner (18 oz)
             >> ecosential by Smart Choice™ Smooth Cooktop Cleaner (18 oz)
>>ecosential by Smart Choice™ Kitchen Surface and Oven Cleaner (18 oz)

In addition to the Eco-Friendly cleaning products, they have a variety of home and kitchen appliance accessories, a subscription service and support line.

frgidaire kitchen>>Kitchen Accessories for:
                >>Cooking Tools
                >>Eco-Friendly Cleaners

>>Laundry Accessories for:

>>FrigidAire Sunbscribe laundry room accessories
               >>Frigidaire™ Subscribe- filter replacement program: Conveniently delivered to your door, the filter replacement program ensures that you always have PureSource™ quality water to help quench your thirst for pure, clean water. The Frigidaire Subscribe program gives you automatic delivery and free shipping.

               >>Learn how to get the most our of your kitchen appliances, refrigerator, laundry machines and air conditioners.

>>Accessories Support
               >>Costumer Service line that provides you with assistance and information on appliances and accessories
>>Assists you in ordering replacement parts  

Frigidaire is proving YOU all with a chance to win a $30 gift code to their FrigidAire Parts web-store. The $30 can go towards any item or multiple items, however tax and shipping is NOT included in the gift code. This giveaway is a part of the Luck of the Liberty giveaway hop, running from July 2- July 8. Click HERE  (the giveaway post will be live at midnight EST) to get your entries in and see what else you can win from the other blogs participating in this giveaway event. *Giveaways begin at 12:01am EST on July 2*. Good Luck!


Dacron Down Alternative Memory Fiber Pillows

I usually sleep with 2 pillows under my head at night, because over the years my pillows have lost their fluff. I would say that a pillow upgrade was long overdue. For the past 3 nights I’ve had the chance to sleep on a Fieldcrest Luxury pillow filled with DACRON® Memory Fiber.  DACRON® Memory Fiber is a premium polyester fill with memory technology that provides luxurious down-like comfort and long-lasting support. The material is a great down alternative allowing the pillows to feel much like actual down pillows.

Good Quality Down Alternative Memory Fiber Pillows

These pillows are full, fluffy, super soft and comfortable. This pillow quickly returns to it’s full shape once I’m no longer laying my head on it. When I do lay my head down I comfortably sink into the plush pillow but not too much, the memory fiber pillow still provides great support. My husband and I both slept great and got the best night’s sleep in a long time the first night we used these pillows. I may even prefer these to regular down pillows, I don’t know how many times I’ve been poked by feathers from my down pillow, in these there are no feathers.

Down Alternative Fiberfill Pillows

Starting this month this particular pillow will be available at Target and will bear the DACRON® fiber quality seal. For more information visit Have you ever tried down alternative bedding?

dacron pillows logo

Luxurious Beds from Bedstar Leather Bed

When shopping for furniture such as beds, we often think less about the brand or retailer we are buying from than we do when shopping for clothes, shoes, or other accessories. Furniture isn’t always seen as a fashion statement, although in many ways it definitely should be – the furniture in your home reflects your personality, so you should be conscious of what your home says about you. In particular the bedroom is an essential room for expressing yourself. Even though you may be the only person to ever spend a great deal of time there, this room is central to your life and making sure that the bed you sleep in is luxurious and comfortable is guaranteed to help you get a good night’s sleep.
Our home is the one place where we can truly indulge ourselves and relax, and the bedroom is the crux of that. Treating yourself to a classy bed such as a leather bed will help you feel happier whilst you rest. A good night’s sleep is essential to a healthy, balanced existence, so you should be willing to do anything and everything you can to ensure it! Leather beds are currently very popular on the furniture market, and are now available in a variety of different colours such as brown, black, tan, and white.
Another added luxury for the bedroom is a TV bed. Although unheard of a few years ago, now most retailers stock at least one or two of these indulgent pieces of furniture. TV beds are very expensive because they come with a television built in to the body of the bed – often this is in the bottom of the bed, and the TV will be stored away when not in use but appear at the push of a button.

If you want to find out more information about different types of beds, then you can visit bedstar online, where there are lots of different beds for you to check out to find one that suits your own personality.

Summer Splash Event: Noblo Review & Giveaway Package

WithOurBest Event Button

Welcome to Summer Splash hosted by Life With Two Boys, With Our Best, and Bella So Savvy! This event begins on May 14, 2012 at 12:01am EST and will end on May 27, 2012 at 11:59pm EST.


For this event we are featuring the noblo Umbrella Buddy. The noblo acts as a convenient and safe umbrella anchor preventing your beach umbrella’s from being carried off by the wind. You simply fill the noblo bag with sand once you get to the beach, then attach it’s handy velcro strap to your umbrella.


Great Features of the Noblo Umbrella Buddy Company

  • Affordable, the noblo retails for $14.99
  • Packaged in Eatontown, NJ by CVR;  a local non-profit organization that hires mentally and physically handicapped individuals
  • Portion of each bag sold to be donated  to USLA – United States Lifesaving Association
  • Invented by moms
  • It’s super easy to use
  • Available in yellow, prink, turquoise, blue, black, and bright green

Learn more about the noblo umbrella buddy and how it is used.


Our  SummerSplash Package includes a noblo in the color of winner’s choice and a tube of True Natural’s All Natural Sunscreen ($19.95), making our prize pack valued at $34.94. This giveaway is open to US residents only, 18+. Enter to win using the Rafflecopter below:

prize pack

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Over 100 blogs have come together to bring you some amazing prizes to help you kick off your summer… with a SPLASH! Each blog is giving away at least $25 worth of prizes, plus we have an awesome grand prize for one very lucky winner. Be sure to hop along to each of the participating blogs because the more giveaways you enter, the more chances you have at winning the Grand Prize!

‘); // ]]>

So what’s this Grand Prize we’re talking about? Thanks to Kid’s Creations one very lucky winner is going to win a Two Ring Adventure Playset valued at $3,598! Made from the highest quality Redwood and loaded with fun activities, this swing set is sure to make this summer one to remember! (Please note that the grand prize is only open to residents of the Continental United States and does not include assembly/installation.)


Disclaimer: Please note that the Summer Splash hosts and participating bloggers are not responsible for sponsors that do not fulfill their prize. We have represented each sponsor with the expectation that they will fulfill their prize in a timely manner. While we are not responsible, we will make every effort to assist the winner in obtaining their prize. I also received one the noblo free of charge for this giveaway hop.