Omega 3 Importance + Citrus Salmon Recipe

I’ve really been on a health kick lately. I’m learning a lot about fitness and nutrition. The most recent surprising and alarming information I have come across is that 91% of American’s have an Omega 3 deficiency. That means there is only a 9% chance that myself and my family members get the Omega 3’s that we need. And you too! Crazy isn’t it?

Why are Omega 3’s so important?

Omega 3’s provide support for the function of the body’s brain, cardiovascular, immune and nervous systems.  Young children’s bodies rely on Omega 3’s for proper brain, eye and immune system system development. And we can’t forget about our fur babies… Pets are family member’s too, the health of their cellular, brain, eye and immune systems and skin and coat depend on great nutrition.

I have really up’d my game and started making sure that myself and my family are getting the nutrition we need through a healthy diet and supplements. I have some tips and info to help you as well!

Getting Omega 3’s from Foodcomplete mediterranean diet

The Complete Mediterranean Diet book has been a great resource for nutritional information and over 500 yummy recipes. This book explains the Mediterranean Diet with natural ways to lower cholesterol and blood pressure through diet and lifestyle change. It has a complete 14-Day Menu Plan that include breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 optional snacks.  This book has provided me with various ways to cook my beloved wild caught salmon, which I usually just season with garlic, Italian seasoning, pepper, Himalayan salt and bake in chicken broth. But just the other day I made this Citrus Salmon and it was a welcomed change.

citrus salmon recipe

Citrus salmon served with fresh baked asparagus, sweet potato and (per my 5 year old) gourmet mac n cheese. For the Salmon I: Mixed 1/4 cup of marmalade, 2 tablespoons of fresh lime, 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon, 1/4 cup of soy sauce and marinated the fillets for 30 mins. Then seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper and Italian seasoning and baked on 350 for 30 mins.

Meeting needed Omega 3’s with supplements

We can’t always get what we need from food alone. Vitamins and supplements can come in handy, but they should be high quality supplements. Nordic Naturals has long been a reputable company known for their high quality supplements.

Taste. Pure. Love. – It’s a Family Thing
Nordic Naturals has a set of supplements for the entire family, including:

  • Complete Omega Xtra
  • Ultimate Omega 2X
  • Children’s DHA
  • Probiotic Gummies KIDS
  • Vitamin D3 Gummies KIDS
  • Baby’s DHA
  • Omega-3 Pet

nordic naturals
I can personally tell a difference in the way I feel and my energy level when I am taking my Nordic Natural supplement. My kids ask for their vitamins each day. Initially I was dreading the “fishy” flavor of these gel caps, but they are naturally flavored with lemon or strawberry and have no “fishy” taste at all.

Taste Pure Love – Nordic Naturals Special:

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A copy of the book Complete Mediterranean Diet by Dr. Michael Ozner
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Heath and Fitness Tips for Beginners

health and fitness tips

This post on heath and fitness tips for beginners is as much for me as it is for anyone else seeking to start a health and fitness journey. I’ve been struggling with staying motivate and sticking to a fitness routine and maintaining healthy eating habits. So, I’m putting down these tips and advice to try and keep myself on track as well as help other beginners out there.

Heath and Fitness Tips for Beginners

Benefits of Lemon Water

Drink More Water

  • Ditching cokes and other sugary drinks and replacing the with water will play a big part in your health, fitness and/ or weigh loss journey. This is a tough one for me because I love my cokes and sweet teas. I typically don’t drink a whole lot of anything, so drinking water and MORE of it is something I’ve had to constantly remind myself to do. I set the alarm on my phone to help remind me to get my daily intake of water. I’ve also started adding lemon to my water for flavor and for added health benefits. I keep a sliced lemon in a jar and add a wedge to each of my glasses or water.
  • Out With the Junkhealthy snacks

    Stock your fridge with your favorite fruits and veggies. I love my sweets and chip. Before when I would want something sweet I would reach for my chocolate stash. If I was wanted something to munch on I would grab a bag of chips. Now instead of buying those things I get the fruits and vegetables that I love. For me it’s oranges for my sweet tooth and bell peppers for my munching. With these in the fridge and the junk not around it is a lot easier to create healthy eating habits and get the vitamins and nutrition I need. Now don’t get me wrong, not all chocolate is unhealthy, if it is made the right way, such as Sibu Chocolates, I do enjoy one of those on occasions.

    Get Moving

    This is another hard one for me. I do recognize and know that I feel so much better after a walk or exercise routine, but there are some days that I just don’t get around to it. Before I know it my daughters home from school, I’m helping with homework, cooking dinner and going through the bedtime routine. JUST DO IT! Get it done, you will feel so much better! I’ve started doing the Wii Fit, which is actually really fun, sometimes I forget I’m exercising, lol. The other day I ended up doing it for one and 1/2 hours… I was feeling it the next day and it felt GREAT! I’ve also been going to the park and walking the track with my 7 year old after her dance classes once a week. It’s nice to have some time just the 2 of us, too. If you don’t have a Wii Fit or exercise DVD’s, pin the image below and use it as a reference for some quick exercise routines that you can do on your own.

    easy 10 min excerise routines

    Raining or snowing out.. or maybe it’s 100+ degrees outside? Try this living room workout from Jessica Smith:

    living room workout

    Have a Support System

    Whether it be family members, a friend or even an online group or network having the support of others is important to the success of any journey, including weightless and fitness. Support systems can provide motivation, encouragement. They give you someone to talk to about the good things and the bad.

    I recently joined an online Fitness program called Revolt. It has weekly meal plans, daily workouts and a super supportive network of other people who are going through the program as well. And stay tuned because I will be updating you on the program and my progress.

    What do you find helpful for you and your health and fitness routine?

Krill Oil : Powerful Effects On Depression

krill oil benefits depression

Krill Oil and It’s Powerful Effects On Depression

Depression is an epidemic that is sweeping America. According the New York Times, up to 35 million Americans are currently battling with the debilitating reality of depression on a day-to-day basis. And believe me, it’s debilitating. People suffering from depression experience states of extreme fatigue, declined self worth, anxiety, difficulty with concentration, loneliness – and an ongoing feeling of hopelessness.

Many Americans choose not to seek professional help because of fear, anxiety, shame, denial – and a myriad of stigmas that are attached to people who suffer depressive mood disorders. It is really unfortunate that illness associated with the mind – has become something to fear or mock whereas illness or disease associated with physical health, is taken much more seriously from a societal stand point. This is why it’s important, above all, to increase awareness on mental health issues, and breakdown communication barriers so that more people feel safe and comfortable when seeking out help. When an American has Diabetes, or a broken wrist, a cold, or a toothache – they seek treatment. We need
to be treating mental health issues in the same manner. Before I get into the rest of this article, and explore the many benefits Krill Oil can have on depressive disorders, I want to stress above all else, that it
is important for you, your loved ones, or anyone you may know suffering from a mental health concern – to seek out the advice and treatment of a mental health professional.

Natural Treatments

In today’s day and age, millions of Americans are seeking more holistic avenues when addressing their health concerns. While pharmaceutical solutions can be invaluable (even lifesaving) in treating depressive
mood disorders, it’s always good to be aware of the many natural mood boosters that nature has provided for us. Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Vitamin B for instance, can all be instrumental in helping to clear out the
clouds in your minds eye, and boost you up for a brighter day.

Another powerful option for a daily lift is to invest in a superior quality omega-3 supplement. Omega-3’s have been clinically proven to increase feelings of personal well-being, while alleviating some of the terrifying symptoms associated with depression.

A study conducted at the University of Illinois in Chicago found that: “People who are deficient in omega-3s are more likely to experience depression than people have consume adequate amounts. Davis and his team found in a previous study that pregnant women deficient in omega-3s are more prone to depression during and after pregnancy than those who get enough of it.”

The reason I specifically suggest Krill Oil for daily supplementation in the battle against depression – is because of the quality of the oil itself. Many fish oil’s found on the market today, contain a lot of the toxins and contaminants now found in many of our marine life due to pollution. Because our fish are so loaded up with these toxins, our family doctors are recommending we keep our fish in take down to just a few times a week. Imagine the contaminants you are accidentally putting in your body on a daily basis, if you are using a standard fish oil!

Because krill are tiny crustaceans found deep in the oceanic communities globally, they are not predatory marine life – and therefore happen to be virtually free of any mercury, PCB’s, or other concerning toxins. Krill Oil is at the top of the pile when it comes to providing your body with the omega-3’s it needs to be healthy, in body and mind. With Krill Oil, you are getting high omega-3 concentrations at a superior level
of purity. When it comes to your mental health, the difference is ALL in the details.

I have provided information below of clinical studies and trials that verify the powerful impact omega-3’s can have in promoting your mental health and feelings of personal well-being.

Clinical Studies

Omega-3 supplemens have a profoundly positive effect on people suffering from depression, according to a study directed by Dr. François Lespérance of the Centre de recherche du Centre hospitalier at the Université de Montréal (CRCHUM), head of CHUM’s Department of Psychiatry and a professor at the Université de Montréal.

Initial analyses failed to clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of Omega-3 for all patients taking part in the study. Other analyses, however, revealed that Omega-3 improved depression symptoms in patients diagnosed with depression. Efficacy for these patients was comparable to that generally observed with conventional antidepressant treatment.

From October 2005 to January 2009, 432 male and female participants with major unipolar depression were recruited to take part in this randomized, double-blind study (neither patients nor researchers knew which capsules patients received). For eight weeks, half of the participants took three capsules per day of
OM3 Emotional Balance, a fish oil supplement containing high concentrations of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). The other half took three identical capsules of a placebo consisting of sunflower oil, flavoured with a small quantity of fish oil. In contrast with typical clinical studies designed to assess the effectiveness of
antidepressants, this study included a high proportion of patients with complex and difficult-to-treat conditions, including patients resistant to conventional antidepressant treatments and patients also suffering from an anxiety disorder. The aim was to assess the value of Omega- 3 supplementation in a group of individuals more like those treated in outpatient clinics.

“We are proud that OM3 Emotional Balance, with its high concentration of EPA at unexcelled levels of purity delivers the dose of EPA needed for effective treatment,” said Claire Bertin, head pharmacist for isodisnatura,the laboratory producing the Omega-3 supplement used in the study.

It is important to note that the study assessed use of Omega-3 for eight weeks, at doses of 1050 mg of EPA and 150 mg of DHA each day. It is currently unknown whether taking higher doses or taking supplements over a longer period would yield different results.

Psychiatrist Drew Ramsey also states that rates of depression, bipolar disorder and postpartum depression, are all lower in fish-eating populations. This is well documented in his book, “The Happiness Diet”.

Back To Your Health

I hope this article has been informative in addressing omega-3 intake, and it’s powerful impact on helping those suffering depression, gain some strength in the battle. Always, always, always choose quality when
it comes to a supplement you are including in your daily health care regime. In this case, when it comes to quality omega-3 supplements, Krill Oil is the answer.

I wish you all the best, and I hope you’re feeling great!

Guest Post by Sandra Goldstein

Would you like to win a bottle of Krill Oil? Click here to be taken to our giveaway entry form! Giveaway is open to US residents, from 3/11 – 3/21.

Sibu Omega 7 Chocolates: Valentines Day Giveaway

sibu chocolates

I love chocolates! Who doesn’t? Sibu (my favorite beauty/skin care line) has come out with their own chocolates that are nothing short of delicious.  What’s more is that every piece of chocolate has 250 mg of Omega 7…who knew you could get your vitamins in chocolate that tastes so good?!

“Deliciously Healthy, Delightfully Decadent”

Sibu is famous for their use of Omega-7-rich sea buckthorn oil in their skin care products and supplements and now they have brought this into chocolate truffles! They’re chocolate truffles are custom made with a proprietary Belgian liquor chocolate blended with 250 mg of Omega-7-rich sea buckthorn oil in each truffle.

Benefits of Omega-7 include:

>>Nutritional support for skin and mucous membranes
>>Powerful free-radical scavenger
>>Increases vitality
>>Certified Kosher/100% natural
>>May help prevent weight gain

sibu chocolates

The truffles come in dark mint and milk orange flavors. I knew without a doubt I would love the dark mint but to be honest I wasn’t sure if I would like the milk orange. I have a cousin who loves those chocolate covered oranges that you can get at Christmas time and I’ve never been crazy about them…BUT I can truly say that I do like these milk chocolate orange truffles from Sibu. The dark mint is my fave but I enjoy the milk orange as well.

sibu omega 7 chocolates

Buy it: You can purchase Sibu Chocolates online for $17.95 per box, each box includes 8 orange-flavored milk chocolate truffles and 8 mint-flavored dark chocolates for a totally of 16 chocolates.

sibu valentine giveaway

Win it: Enter to win a box of Sibu Chocolate Truffles for Valentine’s Day! This giveaway will run from 2/1-2/9, you can enter to when using the Rafflecopter form below:

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5 Wonders Of The World’s Smallest Flower

Flowers, red roses
5 Wonders Of The World’s Smallest Flower
There are more than 250,000 flowering plants in the world. Each offers a beauty of their own. Red
roses are the most popular flowers that not only bring pleasure in friendship and romance, but
provide practical uses and valuable health properties. Roses are edible and contain vitamin c. They are
commonly used to make a delicious tea. Other blooms are edible as well, being used for casseroles,
soups, and salads. With all the amazing attributes that a flower has to offer, we are still yet to learn
about the remarkable qualities of plants that may cause one to marvel, including the 5 Wonders of the
world’s smallest flower, the wolffia.
1. Size
The wolffia, also known as watermeal, is the smallest flower in the world. The plant is about 1/42” long
and 1/85” wide. That is similar to the size of a sprinkle candy used on cakes. A dozen of these plants in
full bloom can easily fit on a pinhead. To see the perfect structure of this plant you would have to use a
high-definition microscope.
2. Weight
The wolffia species weighs only 1/190,000 of an ounce. That is equal to two grains of salt. If you were to
fill a thimble with the tiny plants, you would use approximately 5000 of them.
3. Produces Fruit
With the wolffia being so small, it’s hard to believe that it can produce fruit, but it does. Naturally, the
world’s smallest flower produces the world’s smallest fruit which is called a Utricle.
4. Location
Wolffia plants grow in marshes, ponds, slow-moving streams, and freshwater lakes. They have no
roots, and float on top of the water, often appearing as cornmeal. During the summer months, when
temperatures are at its warmest, these tiny plants can literally cover water surfaces like a bright green
mat. Distribution occurs when wind, ducks, muskrats or other water animals, carry it from one body
of water to another. Some records in the southeastern United States have reported wolffia being
transported by means of tornados, or the water of melted hailstones.
5. Importance
Wolffia is used for food purposes. They contain around 40 percent protein, which is as much as the
soybean. Countries such as Thailand, Laos, and Burma cultivate it, collecting it from the water and
eating it as a vegetable. Pharmaceutical companies are studying the plant due to its ability to fabricate
proteins. Wolffia provides food for various species of waterfowl and fish. India, Africa, and Southeast
Asia use these highly nutritious plants to feed their cattle and pigs.
The Wolffia produces a single pistil and stamen within a floral cavity. The roundish body of the flower
is called a thallus. The plant doesn’t commonly flower since their method of reproduction is primarily
vegetative. There are about 11 different species of wolffia in the world, in which all are distinguished but
must be identified with magnification.
Truly the wolffia is remarkable in all of its features. It is amazing that such a tiny and unique plant
can attribute so much to the world. With so many different flower varieties, there are many other
enlightening wonders to discover. By appreciating even the smallest things in life, we can recognize the
big miracles around us, and the amazing things we can accomplish each day.

Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Essentials App

nordic naturals

Nordic Naturals, one of my favorite and most trusted companies for vitamins and supplements (read my Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omaga Xtra review) has just launched a free mobile app available for those with iPhone, iPad and Android systems.

nordic naturals app screenshot

Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Essentials App Press Release:

The Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Essentials appoffers easy access to the company’s full range of award-winning products.

Features of the new app, which is available free to Apple and Android mobile device users, include the ability to order products online or find a retail store. The “Daily Omega Reminder” allows users to set daily prompts for taking their omega-3s and monthly reminders to reorder products. Information on the wide-ranging benefits of omega-3 essential fatty acids is available to educate consumers and help them select the right product to meet their personalized nutritional needs.

“Nordic Naturals is an omega-3 industry leader,” said Joar Opheim, CEO and founder of Nordic Naturals. “We are pleased to lead the way in offering the convenience of a mobile app to consumers.”

App users will be among the first to be notified about product launches, emerging research about omega-3s, and store-specific sales and promotions.

The Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Essentials app also answers the question, “Why Nordic Naturals?” App users can learn about the company’s patented manufacturing processes, independent testing, and participation in ongoing research. The app will also help consumers understand the qualities that distinguish Nordic Naturals products, including proven purity, exceptional freshness, great taste, and superior triglyceride form.

“We’re dedicated to making a difference,” Opheim said. “From the way we source our raw materials, to the way we process our oils, to our charitable donation programs – we are guided by our goal of seeing generations of healthier, happier people around the world.”

Based in Watsonville, CA, Nordic Naturals is committed to delivering the world’s safest, most effective omega oils to help provide the essentials of an extraordinary life. Distributing to more than 35 countries, Nordic Naturals offers more than 150 products in a variety of flavors and formulations, all in line with leading standards for safety, efficacy and sustainability. By providing omega oil supplements for adults, kids, athletes and pets, Nordic Naturals helps everyone do more of what they love. Further information is available at Nordic Naturals is on Facebook at and people can follow the company on Twitter at @NordicNaturals


Give The Gift Of Healthier Water With Alkamate






Water. It covers three quarters of our planet but we don’t really think about it that much. It’s just there…until you are in a drought or you live somewhere where your tap water tastes like  chlorinated mud.  The water we drink today has been cleaned and has had so many chemicals added to it that the minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium are often absent. And instead of the good things our bodies need- water often has things like chlorine, rust, manure, nitrates, bacteria, heavy metals and many other unsafe and even toxic substances in it!

Of course, you might be fine because you buy bottled water right? Well, here’s the kicker, depending on the brand- your bottled water might just be from the municipal water supply from some other town, and not really that artesian well water you thought you were buying!  Even supposing you are getting “good” water every day…are you really drinking the best water for your body?

Are you drinking alkaline water?

There is a difference between clean water and clean alkaline water. What is alkaline water? Well, the ideal pH balance of the human body is between 7.3 to 7.4 and the only way to maintain or attain it in the first place is to follow an alkaline diet and by drinking alkaline water. Alkaline water has a pH of approximately 8 (depending on the brand or the equipment used to alkalize the water) and normal water has a neutral pH, which is 7 on the scale. Water can also  be slightly acidic.

There are said to be many benefits to alkaline water, and on the other side of the fence there are those that say it doesn’t matter. After reading as much as I could find, and drinking it myself,  I am one of those that do believe that alkaline water is valid, healthy and that it  DOES convey benefits to your body. So many diseases and health issues are acidic related. Neutralizing acids in the body, through diet and drinking alkaline water may:

1. Boost your immune system.

2. Increase your blood oxygen levels

May help prevent:

3. Arthritis or joint pain (this I know about as I personally experienced a lessening of my oft talked about joint pain)

4. Gout

5. Candida

6. Psoriasis

7. Water retention

8. May help prevent weight gain/accelerate weight loss

9. Help with increased energy

10. Help with improved sleep

11. Keep your body hydrated and give energy, naturally- no stimulants

And there are many, many other issues it addresses.

Great! But you’ve seen the prices on bottled alkaline water. You just looked around to see what filters for your house cost…how can you and your family drink alkaline water and do so affordably?


You can use the portable HL4Y AlkaMate like I am!  Made to be sturdy (you will be surprised at the weight- I expected a typical water filter type construction and was amazed at how solid this was)  the AlkaMate neutralizes the the acid in your water.


Made of 304 food grade stainless steel, and available in a variety off colors, it has two filters made of tourmaline and a mineral called maifanite. It also has 13 minerals and this combination is what will alkalize your water.

I am using my AlkaMate every day and I love it! Like I said, I personally experienced the lessening of the joint pain I deal with- not morphine relief – but enough that I could say “hey- I can tell it’s helping”  I also noticed, as did hubs, that it absolutely helps with fatigue and energy levels, but without that caffeine effect. This might not make sense but I’m going to call it gentle energy. You feel up, but not skittery.

 It’s easy to use- basically you pour your water in, shake for 10 or 15 seconds, wait 15 minutes the drink up! It only needs cleaning 1x per month by adding one spoon full of white vinegar and water to your AlkaMate- and then you let it sit for an hour. Wash with hot water and that’s it! They send a really well made carry pouch with the bottle so you can take your healthy water with you everywhere. I think this is an excellent gift idea this holiday season. The colors are very pretty and the size and shape are just right. 

If you are interested in a well priced counter top or under sink system you can go to the HL4Y site and browse their other products. Make sure to take a peek at the FIT Detox Foot Bath while you are there! They are on Twitter and Facebook also.


Provella For Women

Quite a while back my Dr. suggested that adding a probiotic supplement to my daily routine would be a good idea.
I was told about how probiotics work. Our digestive system has “good” bacteria and “bad” bacteria. Keeping the correct balance between the “good”  and the “bad” bacteria is vital. Things like medications, your diet, disease processes, stress and your environment can upset that balance. Being “out of balance” can lead to vaginal health issues, digestion issues, even impairing the ability of your body to absorb good nutrients.  I found out that taking a probitic daily, could even help support a healthier immune system.
I am a big believer in natural ways to support my body health wise and was very interested the benefits of good bacteria.
I recently had a chance to try the Provella Probiotic Dietary Supplement.  Provella has been specially designed for women and has a Patented Controlled-Release Technology. It helps *restore and  maintain balance of good bacteria to support digestive & vaginal health.  It’s Gluten Free and suitable for Vegetarians. That is important to so many people nowadays.  Provella contains a proprietary blend of 6 bacteria strains: 
Bifidobacterium bifidum
Lactobacillus reuteri
Lactobacillus fermentum
Lactobacillus rhamnosus
Lactobacillus acidophilus
Lactobacillus plantarum 
It couldn’t be easier to take Provella. It’s a once daily supplement, with or without food. No prescription required!  Because it is time released you don’t want to crush or split it.
My main goal in trying a probiotic was to help me with digestion issues. I read that gas or bloating could be a side effect but that if so it would diminish. After a little more than two weeks, I’m happy to report that I had no problems, and that I have just begun to notice that the digestion issues that prompted that original talk with my Dr. have decreased quite a lot! In fact, we just spent the weekend at a theme park, and even though I indulged in some fatty foods (come on, we were at a theme park! I had to!) the stomach cramps I had come to dread  were basically nonexistent. As far as I am concerned, that’s success.  My only negative comment at all is the price.  I wish it were a few dollars cheaper for a month’s supply, but they do have a $6.00 off coupon right now! That said, I think the benefits of being more regular and less prone to vaginal infections is worth the price, I’m just a cheapskate, lol.  You can buy Provella at They have a video Q & A to help anwer your questions. You can watch it right here.

*I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Provella. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

TriLight Health Supplements Review

Health Supplements

I’m not too big on pharmaceuticals and try to avoid them if possible, I don’t like to take them myself or give them to my kids. I prefer natural remedies to over-the-counter drugs. I recently got introduced to TriLight Health Supplements, a company that specialize in great tasting, non-alcoholic herbal formulas for pregnancy, children, and the family. TriLight Health has a variety of supplements for many specific aliments and needs. From Cold and Flu, Energy Support and Lymph Rub to Calcium and Magnesium Multivitamin Supplements, Weight Loss Care and so much more.

6 Reasons Why TriLight Uses Liquid Formulas:

>>Time Honored – Liquid herbal medicine has been used for centuries
>>Herbal Taste – Tasting the herb plays an important role in effectiveness
>>Bioavailable – Herbs in a concentrated liquid form enter the body in a more pre-digested state
>>Quick Assimilation – Liquids begin assimilation in about 15 to 20 minutes
>>Fast Acting – Much quicker than with encapsulated dry herbs or tablets
>>Superior Extraction Method – A Process that preserves and extracts more active constituents and naturally occurring vitamins, enzymes, minerals and volatile oils

For over 20 years now, we at TriLight Health have faithfully supplied our customers nationwide with our high quality line of liquid herbal products.

As I mentioned before Trilight Health has such a wonderful selection of these herbal supplements, it was very hard to choose which ones I wanted to try first. I ended us choosing the Female Formula and Peace Treaty.

natural PMS relief Natural ADHD remedy
Female Formula
>>Nutritionally supports the female organs, helping to regulate the menstrual cycle and relieve PMS symptoms.
Ingredients: Female Ginseng, Squaw Vine, Cramp Bark, Blue Cohosh and Licorice Root in a base of Kosher Vegetable Glycerine and Reverse Osmosis Water.
Taste: The licorice is very prominent, I’m not a fan of the licorice flavor at all, but I tolerate it for this because it works for me.
Directions: 1 teaspoon (per 125 lbs. body weight) twice per day as needed. If you are experiencing painful cramps try using 1 tsp daily during the month. Then a few days before your period starts try using 3 tsp/day.  During the painful cramps take in heavier dosages as needed.
Price: $12.95 2oz, $39.95 8oz, $119.95 32oz
My thoughts: When my monthly visitor comes I get painful cramps and headaches. I also deal with bloating, fatigue…not to mention those strong cravings for chocolate,lol. I began taking this supplement a few days before I was expecting menstruation to start and let me tell you it lessened the intensity of my cramps, headaches and there was little to no bloating or fatigue. I’ve always been a firm believer in natural and holistic healing so I’m not at all surprise at how well this worked, I just wish I had been taking it for years.

Peace Treaty
This wonderfully soothing combination of herbs has been used to naturally support the central nervous system, body and mind relaxation, and sound sleep. Children with ADD or ADHD have responded favorably to this formula also.
Ingredients:Valerian Root, White Willow Bark, Scullcap, Passion Flower, Chamomile, Hops, Catnip Leaf and Cloves in a base of Kosher Vegetable Glycerine and Reverse Osmosis Water.
Taste: Much like chamomile tea
Directions: 1/4 teaspoon (per 25 lbs. body weight) straight or in water every 3 hours as needed
Price: $12.95 2oz, $39.95 8oz, $119.95 32oz
My thoughts: I got this for my 6 year old daughter who sometimes has trouble staying focused and can be a little rambunctious. She also has a hard time falling to sleep at night. I explained to her what this was the first she took it and in true fashion she began running around wildly exclaimly that it didn’t help her calm down…fast forward 30 minutes later and she was laying on the couch ever so mellow. The best part is it is all natural.

Find TriLight Health Online:
Facebook | Twitter | Website

>>Discount: Receive 10% off of your first order with coupon code First10

>>Giveaway Time: Would you like to win 1 of 2 8oz health supplements of your choosing from TriLight Health? Enter to win our TriLight Health giveaway!


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

New Nopalea Ultra

How much do you know about  super fruits? Do you make sure they are part of  your daily diet? If you haven’t yet discovered the amazing benefits,  a great way to take control of your health and well-being is to try them. Once you do, the overall feeling of wellness will convince you to keep it up! When you give  your body the nutrients it needs to help your immune system work properly, it’s a difference you can feel!

One of the fruits with detoxing properties is the  Nopal fruit,  from the Nopal cactus. It’s a  native of the mountains of Mexico. Since ancient times as food, and  also because of it’s medicinal and health benefits. Nopalea Ultra (pronounced “No-pah lay’uh”)   is a juice that contains this incredible fruit.   Nopalea is a product from TriVita, a 12-year old company that helps people pursue physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellness. To date, over 3 million bottles have been sold!  The antioxidants called Betalains, that  it contains, have been scientifically proven to help reduce inflammation, which is a leading source of pain! And, it may help with breathing and digestive problems.  Nopalea Ultra can help your body cleanse itself of toxins, and thus enabling optimal health.  Each 32 ounce bottle is sweetened with agave nectar and contains no preservatives, which is a big plus!


Muscle, Joint and Body pain, Respiratory, Arterial, Digestive Issues? You can try Nopalea for free (only pay $9.95 for shipping) by calling 1-800-203-7063.


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