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I want to start this post with a big ol’ HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We sure did enjoy 2012 and the things we got to bring to our readers, we really appreciate you all and the contribution and participation you all provide in order to make this blog a success! We are looking forward to another great year… Happy 2013 Howard House Readers!!

We’ve already featured our top 10 humor posts, based on page views and over the next few days we will be showcasing top posts for the year in other categories. Now…let’s get on to my favorite reviews/items from the past year… these are the things I enjoyed and/or got the most use out of… in no particular order these were my favorite review items of 2012:

1 – Step 2 Toddler to Twin Corvette Bed – This bed is the cutest! My toddler loves it. And I love that it is so convenient in that can be used with a toddler or twin mattress.

2 – PMD – Personal Microderm – I love this, I use it monthly, weekly if I get the chance and I can definitely tell when it has been too long since I’ve used it, my skin feels so good after treatments.

3-  Sibu Beauty Products – These products quickly became my favorite beauty/facial/skin care products, I love them, they work for me and they are natural!

4 – Cutie Cat Backpack – This was featured in our Back to School series. My daughter loves this backpack, she carries it daily…and I love it too!

5 – Photobook – I have to admit I have slacked on printing photos of my son, with my first child I stayed on top of the photo printing and scrap books, but this time around I’ve been such a slacker and I feel bad :(
So I loved having the chance to create this photo book with pictures of my family from the past couple of years.

6 – PicturesOnGold.com Photo Heart Locket – Another photo keepsake of my babies, I just love my photo locket!

7 – Mia Mariu Cosmetics – Natural make up and cosmetics that don’t break out my skin… need I say more!

8 – Nonsense Fall Fashion – I have thoroughly enjoyed all the Fashion posts I did this past year, I am no fashionista but putting together outfits that are stylish and comfy was very fun for me. And the corduroy leggings in this post have become one of my favorite articles of clothing.

9 – Fracture Wall Art – We love art, paintings and photos in this house and we appreciate the beauty of natural and scenery and were able to have a photo of the sun going down over the trees on our place made into a beautiful glass framed photo for our wall that we just love!

10 – Essential Swimwear – This was probably my favorite suit of the season and the first swimsuit I’ve had in a while that I just loved!

11 – Temporal Scan – This has been a huge help when we’ve had a sick toddler… what baby likes to hold a thermometer in their mouth, a temporal scan thermometer is a must have for us now, love this thing!


Are there any reviews/giveaways from our blog this year that stuck out for you? What would like to see in 2013?

Top Crafts and Recipes of 2012

crafts and recipes

We’re still highlighting our top posts of 2012, so far we’ve posted our top humor posts and my favorite reviews post, today we’ve got our top crafts and recipes of 2012 …enjoy!


1 – No Bread BLT’s: Bacon Lettuce Tomato Appetizer Recipe
2 – Upside down Strawberry Cheesecake – Two Ways
3 –  Cooking with Kids + a Kid Friendly Recipe
4 –  Ritz- Mock Apple Pie
5 – BBQ Chicken Tacos
6 – Chicken and Carrot Pilaf Recipe
7 – Beefy Bacon Dinner Cupcakes
8 – Spaghetti Squash with Ham and Parmesan


1 – Doable DIY Decorating
2 – How to Make A Chore Chart

So, the craft and recipe posts were a little slim this past year, but the few that we had were a BIG hit! We will definitely look to do more craft and recipe posts in 2013. If you have any recipe or craft tutorials you’d like to share we would love to have guest posts on them. You can submit guest posts via email to bhowardhousereviews (at) gmail (dot) com, please put guest post in the subject or you may contact me with any questions you may have regarding guest posting on Howard House.

Top 10 #Humor Posts of 2012

Top 10 #Humor Posts of 2012- Howard House

We had a great year on Howard House, full of reviews and giveaways and a few humorous posts here and there. I wanted to recap and showcase the Top 10 Humor Posts of 2012 on our blog based on page views. And here they are in order…

1 Spider Webs Made by Spiders on Drugs

2 – The New Baby Talk

3 – Face Palm Friday – Misspelled Signs

4 – Face Palm Friday – Stupid Criminals

5 – Ain’t it the Truth 

6 – Uh, yeah. Looks like reality!

7 – What Is It #6

8 – How To Know You’re Ready For Parenthood

9 – What Is It #7

10 – Dinner in the Sky – Would You Do This?


So, people seem to like the Face Palm Friday and What Is It posts. Would you like to see more of those in 2013? Which Howard House post was your favorite?

Submit your own Face Palm (anonymously or leave your name/blog link) to be featured on our Face Palm Friday segment.

Holiday Gift Guide: Green Gift Ideas


To be featured in our Holiday Gift Guide please fill out the submissions form

Holiday Gift Guide: Green Gift Ideas


Owie Bag

Flax seed filled pain relief packs that can be used hot or cold therapy and is great for children and adults alike. Eco-friendly, non-toxic, and reusable.
Store: Raising Green Kids
Product Page
Price: $4.00

Reusable Lunch Bag

Reusable, machine washable, safe alternative to plastic bags.  Lunch Skin has a velcro seal and is made from food-safe, durable fabric.
Store: Raising Green Kids
Product Page
Price: $16.75 2 pk

Maggies Bags Small Tote

Totes and bags made from upcycled seatbelt fabric.
Discount: Save 25% with code: HowardGivingGreen

Holiday Giveaway: $50 Amazon Gift Card

Treat yourself to something nice this holiday season with this $50 Amazon Gift Card. Giveaway ends Dec 18.

Amazon $50 Gift Card

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway brought to you by >Wholesale Bulbs.

Turn Your Digital Photos into Wall Art with Fracture + Giveaway

I love scenic and landscape photography but ironically we have no such photos hanging in our home. When I learned about Fracture, a company that transforms your digital photos into works of art you can hang on the wall, I new I wanted to landscape photo of something around our place. The hubs went and climbed the tall cow feeder to get this great shot of the sun setting over the trees by our house to have “Fractured”.

Here is the photo we used for our Fracture:sunset photography

And here is our 18″ Fracture:
sunset photograph

Fracture sunset photo

Here is the back, you can see it comes with a screw and hole for easy hanging:

Fracture photo review
Hanging on the wall

:Fracture photo review

The ordering process for the Fracture was extremely easy. I simply uploaded the photo I wanted and chose my sizing and layout options. My photo was packaged well and arrived quickly and safely. I’m really pleased with the way it turned out and plan on getting for more photos made from Fracture in the future.

Connect with Fracture:
Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Buy it:

Fracture has several sizing options at affordable prices. You can even get free shipping on any order over $100 using code HHRPROMO at checkout.
Fracture Holiday Deadlines: Order by Dec 7th (international) and Dec 12th (domestic) to ensure delivery by Dec 25th

Win it:

We have teamed up with Fracture to give away one 12″ Fracture! This giveaway is open to residents of the US only and will run from Dec 6- Dec 20. Enter to win using the Rafflecopter entry form below.

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Gifts for Kids: Toys for Boys and Girls for Under $30

I know that Christmas shopping can get expensive, especially if you have a lot of children in your life, be they yours, your grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc… Gifts for kids don’t have to be expensive. I’ve compiled a list of super fun toys for boys and girls for under $30.

>>Gifts for Boys

>Toy State’s James Bond Secret Agent Car – $24.99
>Toy State Road Rippers Blaze Craze – $16.99
>Toy State Road Rippers Hatchback – $9.99
These Toy State toys are available at Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target and Amazon. Each of these cars are motorized with lights and sounds making them all the more fun for the boys in your life.

gifts for boyscars for boys

>>Gifts for Girls

    >Gund Girls- $30 A variety of Gund Gurls are available here, find one that matches the little girl in your life. I chose DeeDee, for my daughter, Dee.  :)

cute dolls for girlsgifts for girlsGUND dolls

>Peppa Pig DVD and Plush – DVD is $14.98m Plush dolls are $9.99, These products are available at Toys R Us and Amazon

>>Stocking Stuffers

     >Gund plush friends $10-$12
>Toy State mini-vehicles $4.99-$10
These items fit perfectly in stockings, what little girl wouldn’t love to find her favorite DVD or a new fury friend on her’s on Christmas morning. The mini vehicles by Toy State are affordable and would make the perfect stocking stuffer for boys.

 stocking stuffers for kidsstocking stuffers for boys


5 Wonders Of The World’s Smallest Flower

Flowers, red roses
5 Wonders Of The World’s Smallest Flower
There are more than 250,000 flowering plants in the world. Each offers a beauty of their own. Red
roses are the most popular flowers that not only bring pleasure in friendship and romance, but
provide practical uses and valuable health properties. Roses are edible and contain vitamin c. They are
commonly used to make a delicious tea. Other blooms are edible as well, being used for casseroles,
soups, and salads. With all the amazing attributes that a flower has to offer, we are still yet to learn
about the remarkable qualities of plants that may cause one to marvel, including the 5 Wonders of the
world’s smallest flower, the wolffia.
1. Size
The wolffia, also known as watermeal, is the smallest flower in the world. The plant is about 1/42” long
and 1/85” wide. That is similar to the size of a sprinkle candy used on cakes. A dozen of these plants in
full bloom can easily fit on a pinhead. To see the perfect structure of this plant you would have to use a
high-definition microscope.
2. Weight
The wolffia species weighs only 1/190,000 of an ounce. That is equal to two grains of salt. If you were to
fill a thimble with the tiny plants, you would use approximately 5000 of them.
3. Produces Fruit
With the wolffia being so small, it’s hard to believe that it can produce fruit, but it does. Naturally, the
world’s smallest flower produces the world’s smallest fruit which is called a Utricle.
4. Location
Wolffia plants grow in marshes, ponds, slow-moving streams, and freshwater lakes. They have no
roots, and float on top of the water, often appearing as cornmeal. During the summer months, when
temperatures are at its warmest, these tiny plants can literally cover water surfaces like a bright green
mat. Distribution occurs when wind, ducks, muskrats or other water animals, carry it from one body
of water to another. Some records in the southeastern United States have reported wolffia being
transported by means of tornados, or the water of melted hailstones.
5. Importance
Wolffia is used for food purposes. They contain around 40 percent protein, which is as much as the
soybean. Countries such as Thailand, Laos, and Burma cultivate it, collecting it from the water and
eating it as a vegetable. Pharmaceutical companies are studying the plant due to its ability to fabricate
proteins. Wolffia provides food for various species of waterfowl and fish. India, Africa, and Southeast
Asia use these highly nutritious plants to feed their cattle and pigs.
The Wolffia produces a single pistil and stamen within a floral cavity. The roundish body of the flower
is called a thallus. The plant doesn’t commonly flower since their method of reproduction is primarily
vegetative. There are about 11 different species of wolffia in the world, in which all are distinguished but
must be identified with magnification.
Truly the wolffia is remarkable in all of its features. It is amazing that such a tiny and unique plant
can attribute so much to the world. With so many different flower varieties, there are many other
enlightening wonders to discover. By appreciating even the smallest things in life, we can recognize the
big miracles around us, and the amazing things we can accomplish each day.

Howard House: 2012 Holiday Gift Guide


It’s THAT time of year again! Time to start the gift shopping and what better place to get great gift ideas what from your favorite blogs! Click the age groups below to see great gift ideas for everyone. You will find our personal reviews of the recommended items, along with where to purchase, prices, some discounts and even a few giveaways for your chance to win some gifts! If a guide isn’t up yet, please don’t fret, we will be continuing to add to and update our gift guide throughout the holiday season!

Babies & Toddlers
Kids, Tweens, Teens
Green Gift Ideas

Wordless Wednesday: Sunset

Wordless Wednesday: Sunset

still by still of a sunset

sunset photography

sunsets photos
photos of sunsets
photos of sun sets
setting sun

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