My lashes look great, do yours?



One of the crummy-type issues with getting older (besides a slower metabolism and the tendency for things to sag) is that for some people, our eyelashes seem to get shorter and sparser. No matter how fantastic your mascara,  if you have thin, stumpy lashes,  it ages your eyes.

There are prescription options to lengthen your lashes but I’ve never considered it because I try to limit meds to the minimum in my life. I’m not fond of the side effects that are often worse than what you are treating! I have tried three “natural” lash lengtheners. Two did nothing at all, and I’m glad they came as a freebie and one in a subbie box a year or two ago because I would have been kinda upset to have wasted my money. (Oh, I’ve tried a drugstore “growth” mascara, too- nada.) But as for the third one, called LashesMD after using it every day for two months ( my two month mark was on July 8th and yeah I probably missed a day or two here or there :-p ) I am THRILLED with the results!

At first I only noticed my lashes were softer but couldn’t really see much in the way of thickness or length. Then I hit about the one month mark and the difference was visible!! Even without mascara there was added volume and length! Whoot!

Here are my before and after pics- one  from before I started to use Lashes MD and one from yesterday. The mid-way pic looked okay on the camera but was hyper blurry when I uploaded it so you just get the two- but I think it’s pretty awesome anyway. In fact, since a pic is worth a thousand words I kinda toyed with the idea of just posting my photos, and giving you the name of the treatment- lol.


Anyway- on the first one look at the edge of the left eye- you can see I had sort of a “hollow” area- drove me nuts when doing my eye makeup. In the after you can see how it’s all filled in. My lashes are darker, thicker and longer. I love it!!! I have just started using it on my brows to help them fill in as well, so hopefully soon I’ll be swooning over them, too!

Here are some other great before/after photos:

0 (1)




Some information about LashesMD.

The Benefits of Using LashesMD:

  • Clinically Proven
  • Results in Just 21 Days
  • Proven Safe & Effective
  • No Drugs
  • No Parabens
  • Once Daily
  • Each Tube = 3 to 4 Months Supply

LashesMd is a clinically proven cosmetic that can benefit eyelashes and brows. Applied like an eyeliner once daily at night studies have shown an increase of greater than 60% in the appearance of lenghth and density in 42 days!

The serum contains moisturizing amino acids, peptides and vitamins no harmful prescription chemicals in this! A 0.26 oz tube retails for $70.00 which is about a 3-4 month supply. After you reach the stage where you are happy with your lashes you can switch over to an every other night application, so although a little pricey up front, it lasts a long time and even more so when you switch to the maintenance schedule.

Overall, I think this is a great value for a product that actually delivers on its promises. I will definitely order another one when this is gone because I want to keep my eyelashes looking this good!

You can find it at


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Get Better Sleep Giveaway

Did you know that sleep plays a vital role in our physical and mental health? Sleep even plays a part in how long we will live. The majority of people in America do not get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep needed each night. I admit, I am one of those that typically does not get a full night’s rest and it is something that I plan to work on. We’ve partnered with our friends at Bedtime Network to bring you this giveaway with fabulous prizes that are sure to promote sleep and help you get better sleep! You can enter on the giveaway entry form below.


This giveaway will have a total of 9 winners!!! Yes, 9! The grand prize winner will receive a personalized consultation with 6 Bedtime Network experts.

better sleep grand-prize

3 winners will receive Bedtime Beats iHome and Clock Radio and finally 5 winners will get the Bedtime Beats music collection and a pair of bedphones.

better sleep 1st-2nd-prize

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2013 Makeup Fashion Trends and Classic Colors

Every year there are new and different makeup fashion trends. There are also those classic colors that are timeless in the fashion world. While I like to stay up on the new fashion trends don’t always follow them, unless of course I like them. I like to do my own thing and wear what I like. It just so happens that two of the main fashion color trends for 2013 are my favorite colors; emerald green and purple. These fashion colors apply to clothing, hair, makeup…anything.

2013 make up fashion trends

2013 Makeup Color Trends

As I was scoping out the the make up and color selection of Blast Make Up, I totally fell for their varying shades of purple. I recently had purple highlights put in my hair, so obviously I’ve been on a purple kick, lately. I ended up choosing their Sensation shade of eye shadow along with their Plum eyeliner and Portal lip gloss:

makeup fashion trends 2013

Eye Shadow and Liner

The light shimmer of the sensation eye shadow is perfect, it is exactly what I was going for. It blends easily and works well for an all over lid color. I like to use this color and add a darker purple in the crease of my eyelid. It’s also a nice shade to use for highlighting the brow bone.

Lip Color

The Blast Lip Gloss is my absolute favorite. While it is a little more sheer and not as bold as I was hoping for it is very moisturizing and not sticky at all.  It adds a nice tint to the lips.

Blast Make Up review

Before I move on the next color I wanted to show you a shot of my purple hair highlights:

2013 hair color trends

Classic Makeup Colors

Just as red lips will forever be a classic look, so will shades of tawny. I’ve never had a lot of luck with blushes, they’re either too dark or too pink or just too not right for me. When I saw the Tawny Peach blush by Blast, I knew it was one that I wanted to try. See, I have dark hair, but pretty light/fair skin, especially in the winter, so I kind of get that vampire look going on at times without trying to. Tawny, Peach, Apricot and Coral colors are all classic colors for the fair skin toned. The Tawny Peach blush paired with the Apricot Toast lipstick make for a great combo and timeless look.

classic make up colors

This blush works really well for me and my coloring. For the first time ever I’ve found a blush that I am happy with.

Blast Makeup Swatch

What fashion trends are you love loving this year?

Buy it:

You can purchase Blast Cosmetics online.

Win it:

You can enter to win an eyeliner in brown, an eye shadow in voyage and winner’s choice of lipstick in either apricot toast or crimson shades.  The giveaway will run from 3/4 – 3/15, enter using the Rafflecopter form directly below:

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Tips for Weightloss: Struggling with Your Diet Plan

 Struggling with Your Diet Plan: Some Ideas That Will Help

Image Source

Sticking to a diet plan to successfully lose weight can be a tough proposition where you will
face a number of stumbling blocks that can derail you from your goal. This is why there are
a number of options out there for you to consider that can keep your diet plan on track and
help you reach your goal much more quickly. For some people, diet plans can be incredibly
weary ordeals where they must constantly deny themselves some of their favourite foods,
or they find that after month of restricting themselves they are not even losing weight. This
can either be down to the fact they do not know enough about their bodies, or that they are
lacking certain nutrients that are crucial to the weight loss process.

The most important part of any attempt to lose weight is to be as knowledgeable as possible
on all the various aspects of weight loss. Every person that has tried to lose weight by
sticking to a diet plan will have found out that after months of dieting the results have been
minimal if anything. This is likely due to the fact that they were eating certain foods that
they would not had they been learned of all the various factors that contribute to weight loss.
There are some surprising facts about weight loss just a bit of research could have revealed.

The most comprehensive website containing all the important information on weight loss is This government-run website offers in-depth advice on every area of weight loss to ensure you know everything required to begin a successful period
of weight loss. The NHS website contains guides to many different approaches to weight
loss, summing up the pros and cons of each approach so you know which is best for you.
Well known diet plans are reviewed in great detail, and many real-life contributors have
offered their stories and testimonials about their weight loss experiences. Being able to learn
about the problems some people have faced is the best approach to preventing yourself from
suffering them during your weight loss period, and visitors to the website can also pick up a
number of unique tips and guidelines to help them.

What makes the NHS website so popular is its great credibility and experience in dealing
with health problems. With over 1.4 million employees and an annual budget of nearly £100
billion, the NHS is incredibly well equipped to offer the most expert advice on weight loss.
Everything from beginner’s introductions to calories to more advanced scientific knowledge
can be found. A host of recommended exercise and dieting tips can help you immensely on
your weight loss journey, as can the de-bunking of many myths and unfounded claims about
weight loss that many people unwittingly follow. The community forums also offer you
the chance to interact with thousands of others who are undergoing weight loss programs,
helping you both emotionally and practically.

If you are very knowledgeable about weight loss and still have trouble slimming down
effectively, it is likely your body has a slow natural metabolism rate that is preventing your body from converting the calories you consume into energy. The best way to boost your metabolism is to combine a lifestyle change with a special metabolism boosting supplement.
Many people find that even if they follow a strict diet their body still refuses to lose weight.
Having a fast metabolism instantly changes this as your body becomes much more effective
at burning fat and putting calories to good use. The most powerful natural ingredient your
metabolism can benefit from is without a doubt capsicum, a chilli that kick-starts your
metabolism and gets it burning fat in no time.

Capsicum can pose many problems due to its hotness: those who take it raw often complain
of upset stomachs and sore throats, and it has long proved a stumbling block to scientists
looking to harness its incredible power. The supplement “Capsiplex” has managed to completely eliminate these side effects by inventing a unique capsule form that bypasses the stomach. This allows all the great effects
of capsicum to be harnessed by your body without you suffering the side-effects of the chilli.
Due to the potency of capsicum, it is the best option for people who want to lose weight
quickly as the effects are incredibly fast-working and the results almost instant. The added
bonus of using such a metabolism booster is that you can find yourself feeling a lot more
refreshed and invigorated throughout the day as your body is inundated with more body fuel
from calories and burnt fat. Many weight loss products can lead to drowsiness as the body
works into overtime to lose weight; Capsiplex is the complete opposite, creating more energy
for your body to get you through the day.

Written by: Jessica Fortina

How to Get Fuller Looking Eyebrows

How to Get Fuller Looking Eyebrows with Anastasia Beverly HIlls Brow Kit

I’ve always been a little self conscious about my eyebrows, they are thin, but still all over the place so I do wax and tweeze them. I’ve tried to color them in a lot of times using different brow pencils, eye liners, etc, but I’ve never been able to get a color that looks natural on me. After all but giving up on ever having fuller looking eyebrows, this Brow Kit, along with the Brow Whiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills sparked my interest. Could it be? Something that would actually give me naturally fuller looking eyebrows?

Fuller Looking EyebrowsFuller Looking Eyebrows

The 5 element brow kit includes precision tweezers, brow powder duo, brow stencils for shaping (set of five shapes), mini duo brush #7 and Anastasia’s best-selling clear brow gel. The Brow Whiz is pencil made for filling in sparse brows with the ultimate natural look, its ultra-fine pencil tip mimics the appearance of tiny hairs. The dual-ended mechanical pencil and essential spooley brush make creating a fuller brow look super easy.

Fuller Looking Eyebrows9brow whiz

Below you can see just how thin and sparse my eyebrows are. In the first photo they pretty much look nonexistent after the midway point. In the second photo I had used the brow whiz and contents of the brow kit to get the appearance of fuller eyebrows that don’t look fake.

Before:                                                    After:  eyebrows

How to get fuller eyebrows:

Step 1: I use the eyebrow brush to brush my brows upward

Step 2: Using the Brow Whiz I make short, outward strokes, then blend with the spooley brush

Step 3: I use the darkest of the 2 colors  in the brow powder duo to further fill in the thinnest area of my brows

Step 4: I dust the lighter color over my entire brow and blend again using the spooley brush

Step 6:  I brush the clear brow gel over my brows to set

This is all I do for now, as I get more experience and get a little braver I plan to use the stencils that came with the kit and hopefully have an arch on these (fuller) brows someday! Like I said, I’ve never been an expert at brows but these items have made it extremely easy for me to have natural fuller looking brows.

You can find the aforementioned items and many other beauty products on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website, you connect with them on Facebook , Twitter and YouTube for beauty tips and tricks. 

AND (I’m not through, yet), from now until December 7th, you can enter to win their “Kiss On My List 2012” Lip Gloss set of 6, CLICK HERE to be taken to the giveaway entry form.


We All Need A Little Lift Now And Then



When we think of plastic surgery, most of us think about Michael’s nose, Meg Ryan’s cheeks or Pamela’s bosom. Actually, for centuries there have been people who’ve stretched their earlobes and necks, enlarged their lips with different items like discs or plates, filed their teeth, had tattoos  or scarred  their skin, and bound their feet, among other things. These are all forms of body modification, a type of prelude to modern techniques. Historians tell us  that the first recorded account of “reconstructive plastic surgery” is found in ancient Indian Sanskrit texts that describe procedures to repair noses and ears that were lost (due to battle or punishment for crimes). The  Hindu surgeon Sushruta even described what he called the “attached flap” method in his 600 B.C. text Sushruta Samhita.  The ancient Egyptians and Romans also performed cosmetic surgery; the Romans were able to perform some simple techniques, like repairing damaged ears,  from around the 1st century BC.

While I’ve never had the urge to file my teeth into points or get Triple E implants, I am totally open to plastic or cosmetic surgery. If I hit the lottery, I would definitely  look into scar revision for my awful c-section scars, or some type of laser or other resurfacing technique to lighten and fade my stretch marks. And I love the different lasers available to tighten facial skin.  A subtle lift, nip or tuck can have an incredible impact on someone’s appearance. And for so many people, being insecure about a certain feature or aspect of their face or body can cause them to be much less open and unable to interact with people. Fix the issue and suddenly they bloom and begin to really experience life instead of hiding from it. Of course, like I mentioned, we often picture certain celebrities who went way too far. Joan Van Ark is one celeb who really looked worse after her numerous surgeries- you gotta say when!


Janice Dickinson is another celeb who needed to stop.



I was looking through the WestLake Dermatology site, browsing some of their before-and-after photos of real people who underwent different procedures and who still looked real afterwards, but with amazing transformations. Pretty incredible. Just look at the difference in this woman’s face after a nose job.  She was already lovely, but in the before image her nose sort of takes over her face, while afterwards she looks in balance and you really notice how pretty her other features are.  Obviously, choosing the right doctor and the right practice is about the most important part of the process. You don’t want a doctor who has a fast food menu of services and just repeats the same thing on every person. You want the physicians who really take the time to explain what is realistic.


Reading about the physicians at Westlake Dermatology I was struck by the sheer number of combined years of experience they bring to the table. I actually started to add them up, realized I was doing math and stopped immediately! Suffice it to say it’s a big number. Not only do the various doctors have the time in, they have a broad range of knowledge.  It’s not surprising that Westlake Dermatology is a leader in dermatology and cosmetic procedures in the United States, with services such as juvederm, breastaugmentation, and laser treatments.  In fact, I noticed this statement : “Westlake Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery has earned a “Gold Seal Approval” outpatient surgery center accreditation by the Joint Commission. Joint Commission accreditation is recognized nationwide as a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting certain performance standards.”  That is exactly the kind of practice I would be looking for if I were getting ready to trust someone with modifying my appearance!


Of course, I had to visit their store,, and take a peek,  pen and paper ready to jot down a want- to- try list. So into the brands they carry! Naturally I found a few products I really, really want. They carry Pyratine-6™, Vivite®, iS Clinical (which I love!) and several other lines that I have either sampled or want to! Having the iderma store means that taking care of your skin post-procedure is easy. And you know how I feel about taking care of your skin. The right products could even delay your decision to have surgery if you are able to see a real difference in your skin texture, laxity or discoloration.

The decision to set up a consultation for laser treatments or surgery is pretty personal. We all need a little lift now and then, and I guess the key is to make sure that the one who does the lifting knows his onions!

National Skin Care Awareness Month Is Ending – Eucerin Review


September is National Skin Care Awareness Month!


Being a skin care junkie, I am always interested in tips and tricks for keeping your skin in the best possible condition. In honor of National Skin Care Awareness Month, I want to share a few of my favorite tips.

1. Cleansing. This is the foundation of any skin care regime. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on lotions or creams if you don’t cleanse properly.  Choose a cleanser suited to your skin type. If you have oily skin, choose one specifically made to deal with that. Mature skin? Choose a moisturizing wash.  Cleanse daily. I always wash my face thoroughly at night, even if I just stayed home and didn’t wear make up. Don’t skip it because you are tired. Our skin heals as we sleep and you want to give it the optimal environment- so clean your face! I often just use a rose water toner in the mornings, unless i used a heavy duty night cream. 

2. Exfoliate. Get those nasty dead skin cells off your face! Exfoliating encourages new cell turnover and your skin looks glow-y and prettier when you exfoliate. It also helps your skin absorb nutrients and the active ingredients in your skin care treatments. Don’t forget  to exfoliate your body when you bathe. Elbows, knees and feet. Those areas tend to get discolored and thicker skinned with age. Help your body look good!

3. SPF. Wear it every day.You have to. Period. Don’t forget to apply to your arms, legs, neck…those are exposed to the sun, too.Not just your face.

4. Hydrate. Drink your water. Your skin needs to stay hydrated to look it’s best. You need to stay hydrated to feel your best. If you want- dress up your beverages with sliced citrus or frozen blueberries. Just drink up!


5. Moisturize. Use a quality face cream or lotion and don’t forget body lotion to keep the moisture in your skin. It’s just as important in the cooler weather as in the summer. In fact, as the weather turns colder our skin dries out faster due to the heaters running and the air getting so dry. 


For me, and my family, I like Eucerin lotions. Although I adore boutique brands, I always have bottles of Eucerin on hand. It’s my favorite mass market brand. In fact they have been around over 100 years! Dermatologist recommended and they have formulations that meet every need. For a light weight, every day lotion, meaning it’s one I apply every AM, is Eucerin’s Daily Replenishing Lotion. Fragrance free and light, it’s a perfect protective shield for my skin. It absorbs fast and doesn’t ever feel greasy. I keep a bottle by the kitchen sink, too. Even hub uses this lotion. Since there is no scent, he doesn’t balk, lol.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body…take care of it!


If you visit the Eucerin Facebook Page, you can Pledge for a Free Sample of Eucerin lotion.

And, if you’d like to win a bottle of Daily Replenshing Lotion- you can click HERE. Good Luck!


5 Ways To Look 5 Years Younger In 5 Minutes

We all have them. Those days when we wake up and just look, and feel, blah. Short of climbing back into bed and trying again the next morning (though tempting) what can you do to dial it up a notch?


Here are 5 ways you can look 5 years younger in 5 minutes or less for each step.

1. Wake up. Yes, I know you are already awake, I mean wake up your skin. If you are headed for the shower, grab your loofah or wet body brush and starting at the soles of your feet, give yourself a good brisk scrub. Work up your calves, thighs and hips to your belly using small circular movements, but finish each area with long upward strokes. Small circles on your belly, ending in shorter upward strokes towards your heart. For your arms, start with your hands first, your palms and then the back of your hand. Raise your arm above your head and use quick short movements, going towards your heart all the way to your shoulders. Finish by stroking your loofah across each shoulder, towards your clavicle. Next with your washcloth, face brush or face buffing sponge, do your face and neck.  Start at your clavicle and sweep in upward circles, to your chin, then large circles over your whole face. Finish your face with upward strokes, towards your forehead. At the end of your shower, turn the heat way down and finish with very cool water.

Now your skin is glowing and you probably feel much more “up”.  If you are not showering, do all of the above with a dry brush as this also rejuvenates and helps with circulation to make you look and feel more energized.

2. Moisturize. Just adding moisture to your skin can be enough to take you from dull to dazzle. Apply an energizing lotion from neck to feet. I keep several of my beauty products in the fridge: rose water, eye gel, citrus body butter and peppermint foot cream. The chilled effect is invigorating. Next apply your day cream or treatment to your face, but tap it in with quick firm finger motions first, then rub it in.

3. Hair. Apply a volumizer to your roots before blow drying to lift your hair and in turn lifting your face. Droopy hair tends to pull down your facial features. If you are starting the day with dry hair, spritz your roots with  a medium hold hair spray and flip your head over and massage your scalp to add body. A ponytail with a high crown and side swept bangs is flattering and the ponytail itself  helps pull your forehead up a little, opening your eye area.

4. Makeup and teeth. Open your eyes with a flesh or white eyeliner pencil along your water line. And sweep a white eyeliner just under your brow-bone for an instant lift. Tweezing stray hairs also makes an immediate impact. Use a Navy eyeliner to brighten your eyes. Avoid orange or yellow toned lipsticks as these can make your  skin look dull. A spare hand with a bronzer can also brighten your face. Just go light. Too much will defeat the purpose. Use a tooth whitening strip. A bright smile takes years off your appearance, is cheap and always works.

5. Clothing. Wear a bright happy shade near your face. Scarves are a perfect way to add flair and brightness to your clothes and your skin. Just choose a  color that works with your skin tone. That complimentary reflection at your neckline can really add flattering tones to your face. Choose earrings that flash, sparkle or move. Movement near your face adds interest and is appealing, and can also draw the eye away from features you don’t want to accentuate.


There you go. You only spent 25 minutes, but you look younger, feel better and you are ready for the day.

What is your no-fail pick me up for those days that start out with that blah feeling?