Eye bags got you down? Depuff with Exuviance.




I normally LOVE bags… handbags, bags of candy or chips, goodie bags, packing bags for a trip- but  no one ever liked eye bags. I feel like they are the single most aging aspect of your face. Your makeup can be flawless, your outfit just perfect, but puffy baggy eyes just  pull you down, make you look tired and drawn. Sigh. I know that festoon type eyebags can really only be helped with surgery but the bags you get from allergies or late nights can be diminished. I know because I’ve been using a new serum that has really helped with my eye puffiness. It’s called Exuviance DePuffing Eye Serum. If you are familiar with Exuviance or used any of their other serums, you know to expect great things from their products. Every single thing I’ve used from their line has been fantastic and this new DePuffing Serum is the same wonderful quality. I’m not gushing because they sent me one to try- I don’t have any obligation to write about a product, but I really love this. According to Exuviance: NeoGlucosamine helps build the supporting gel matrix that surrounds collagen and elastin to firm and tone both eyelid and undereye droopiness, while Eyeiss and Actiflow help strengthen fragile skin to target the sources of puffiness and bags. While I don’t  know what all may or may not be happening below the surface, what I am seeing is a firmer, slightly more taut appearance under my eyes. I feel like my concealer and foundation glide on more smoothly and seem not to “settle” or crease under my eyes as much. The rollerball(s) feel lovely when applying and there is a generous amount of product. I’m using 2x a day.  Overall, I feel I look a bit brighter and awake. I’m anxious to see where I’m at 4 weeks as 83% of folks responding saw increased firmness. I have to mention the price point is a bit high, but since each product I’ve tried lives up to its claims for me, it’s just one of those things… spend a bit more on something that works, or go cheaper and buy an item you don’t see results with? I’m recommending this one if you are fighting bags. I know you can pick it up at Ulta or  Neostrata.com. Right now you can save 20% at their Friends and Family sale and score free samples as well.Marie Disclosure