My lashes look great, do yours?



One of the crummy-type issues with getting older (besides a slower metabolism and the tendency for things to sag) is that for some people, our eyelashes seem to get shorter and sparser. No matter how fantastic your mascara,  if you have thin, stumpy lashes,  it ages your eyes.

There are prescription options to lengthen your lashes but I’ve never considered it because I try to limit meds to the minimum in my life. I’m not fond of the side effects that are often worse than what you are treating! I have tried three “natural” lash lengtheners. Two did nothing at all, and I’m glad they came as a freebie and one in a subbie box a year or two ago because I would have been kinda upset to have wasted my money. (Oh, I’ve tried a drugstore “growth” mascara, too- nada.) But as for the third one, called LashesMD after using it every day for two months ( my two month mark was on July 8th and yeah I probably missed a day or two here or there :-p ) I am THRILLED with the results!

At first I only noticed my lashes were softer but couldn’t really see much in the way of thickness or length. Then I hit about the one month mark and the difference was visible!! Even without mascara there was added volume and length! Whoot!

Here are my before and after pics- one  from before I started to use Lashes MD and one from yesterday. The mid-way pic looked okay on the camera but was hyper blurry when I uploaded it so you just get the two- but I think it’s pretty awesome anyway. In fact, since a pic is worth a thousand words I kinda toyed with the idea of just posting my photos, and giving you the name of the treatment- lol.


Anyway- on the first one look at the edge of the left eye- you can see I had sort of a “hollow” area- drove me nuts when doing my eye makeup. In the after you can see how it’s all filled in. My lashes are darker, thicker and longer. I love it!!! I have just started using it on my brows to help them fill in as well, so hopefully soon I’ll be swooning over them, too!

Here are some other great before/after photos:

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Some information about LashesMD.

The Benefits of Using LashesMD:

  • Clinically Proven
  • Results in Just 21 Days
  • Proven Safe & Effective
  • No Drugs
  • No Parabens
  • Once Daily
  • Each Tube = 3 to 4 Months Supply

LashesMd is a clinically proven cosmetic that can benefit eyelashes and brows. Applied like an eyeliner once daily at night studies have shown an increase of greater than 60% in the appearance of lenghth and density in 42 days!

The serum contains moisturizing amino acids, peptides and vitamins no harmful prescription chemicals in this! A 0.26 oz tube retails for $70.00 which is about a 3-4 month supply. After you reach the stage where you are happy with your lashes you can switch over to an every other night application, so although a little pricey up front, it lasts a long time and even more so when you switch to the maintenance schedule.

Overall, I think this is a great value for a product that actually delivers on its promises. I will definitely order another one when this is gone because I want to keep my eyelashes looking this good!

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