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I had the chance to review a dress from Let me tell you what I liked about the site. Actually, let me tell you what I LOVE about the site. It has clothing in sizes 0-36W right? I am plus sized so it is great to be able to go to a site and find clothes that will fit me. That is absolutely awesome! Women of all shapes and sizes can shop at eShakti and get beautiful clothes that they will enjoy wearing.

Another thing I love about eShakti is that you can get the clothes tailored to fit you like a glove. You can’t do that in the stores. How many times have you tried on a dress that fits you just right in one area but is all wrong in another area? You may have fallen in love with the dress until you tried it on and it just didn’t work. You don’t have to worry about that with eShakti. You can take your measurements and have your clothes tailored to fit you. This is great for those of us who have problem areas. I tend to be, um, busty. I have a hard time finding tops that fit me right on my chest. With eShakti that is a thing of the past. You can get your clothes tailored to fit any problem areas you have.

You can try this service for free the first time you order customization from eShakti. After that it is an affordable $7.50. When you think about the fact that customization will get your clothes to you and they are tailored to fit your body, it is worth it.

EShakti has clothes that have a retro look. I absolutely love retro style dresses. There is just something special about clothes that look like clothes from the past. I love the way women dressed in the 30s and 40s- so feminine! Which is kind of odd because I don’t consider myself to be a very feminine girl. I’m more of a tom boy.

If you have never ordered from eShakti before, now is a good time. You can sign up to receive a coupon for $25 off your order. I just signed up for it literally minutes ago and I have received it already. Click here to sign up for yourself. If you are looking for clothes that will fit your specific body needs to help you look your best, give eShakti a try.


Disclosure: I received a dress from eShakti for the purpose of giving a review. All opinions belong to Nirra.