Review and Giveaway of Unique Natural Products

Ahhhh! Spring is in the air. There is lots of tweeting outside (not on Twitter), and flowers are blooming. Things are beautiful! Except for the pollen everywhere, right? So you may be wondering who I am? I am Nirra from Mystery Shopping Teacher. I have been invited to write some reviews on Howard House Reviews since I enjoy doing them so much- so from time to time you may see a review that has a different “voice” than usual and it may be mine. I tend to be slightly cheesy, yet likeable enough (I guess). But I’ll try to tone it down since this isn’t my blog.

Back to what I was writing about before. Spring is a time of renewal. With that being the case, it’s also a time that a lot of people like to clean out their house with a good Spring cleaning. So you can imagine has happy I was to get to review several products that would help with not only my Spring cleaning, but cleaning year round too. I mean, I was as happy as I can muster about cleaning ;).

I have received several products:  I got the pet odor and stain eliminator, super digest-it, carpet shampoo and stain remover, and wine stain eater from Unique Natural Products.  I haven’t gotten to use ALL of them yet, but it will be nice to know that I have them when the need arises. There’s nothing worse than getting an awful stain on something only to realize that you have nothing to clean it up with. Not cool. I have had the chance to use the Pet odor and stain eliminator. I have dogs that live in our house and also outside on our back porch and sometimes they make messes. They are adorbs and everything, but when they make a mess I get annoyed. I saw that this product could be used on concrete so I used it to clean up a little doggy mess and it worked! I really like that this product is one that will not bother my dogs or make them sick. It’s such a huge bottle that I am sure I will be having it for a long time to come as we don’t have to clean up after them THAT often. We do have a back-yard so we can let them out when they have to do their business most of the time, but sometimes their tiny little Pomeranian bladders can’t wait, I guess. Either that or they just really like to see me annoyed.

The products that I got to try are eco-friendly and natural. If you have respiratory problems, sometimes you may have issues cleaning with chemicals. I know that sometimes my sinuses can be extra sensitive when cleaning with products that have a strong smell and many products can cause my skin to peel or itch since my skin is kinda sensitive. That’s why I always wear gloves to clean.

Here’s the part you wanted to hear about (I’m sure). I have a gift pack to give away to one Howard House Reviews reader worth almost $60! It will have: Pet Odor Eliminator Ready to Use 24oz, Super Digest It Qt, Carpet Shampoo Qt, Unique Complete Qt, and a Wine Stain 4oz. All you have to do to get your entry in is use the rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received these products for free in order to do a thorough, honest review. All opinions belong to Nirra.


  1. Welcome Nirra! We are happy to have you aboard :) These sound like excellent products…some I need to have in the cabinet at home.

  2. Jane Ritz says:

    Thesse products sound excellent. I especially like/need the pet order stuff. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Hi. Thanks for the review. I enjoyed learning about these cleaning products. I have eight dogs, three of which are rescues so I’m always looking for good, safe cleaners. Love that these are natural and therefore safe to use around the fur kids. Id absolutely love to try them as I’m looking for good natural cleaning products to switch over to. And while I know they would all come in handy, I’m most interested in the pet odor remover and the carpet cleaner! The drain opener would be great too as I hate using caustic drain openers so would be very interested in this one! They all look like great products! Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. These sound wonderful. I sure could use some decent cleaning products. Thanks for the Giveaway.