Heath and Fitness Tips for Beginners

health and fitness tips

This post on heath and fitness tips for beginners is as much for me as it is for anyone else seeking to start a health and fitness journey. I’ve been struggling with staying motivate and sticking to a fitness routine and maintaining healthy eating habits. So, I’m putting down these tips and advice to try and keep myself on track as well as help other beginners out there.

Heath and Fitness Tips for Beginners

Benefits of Lemon Water

Drink More Water

  • Ditching cokes and other sugary drinks and replacing the with water will play a big part in your health, fitness and/ or weigh loss journey. This is a tough one for me because I love my cokes and sweet teas. I typically don’t drink a whole lot of anything, so drinking water and MORE of it is something I’ve had to constantly remind myself to do. I set the alarm on my phone to help remind me to get my daily intake of water. I’ve also started adding lemon to my water for flavor and for added health benefits. I keep a sliced lemon in a jar and add a wedge to each of my glasses or water.
  • Out With the Junkhealthy snacks

    Stock your fridge with your favorite fruits and veggies. I love my sweets and chip. Before when I would want something sweet I would reach for my chocolate stash. If I was wanted something to munch on I would grab a bag of chips. Now instead of buying those things I get the fruits and vegetables that I love. For me it’s oranges for my sweet tooth and bell peppers for my munching. With these in the fridge and the junk not around it is a lot easier to create healthy eating habits and get the vitamins and nutrition I need. Now don’t get me wrong, not all chocolate is unhealthy, if it is made the right way, such as Sibu Chocolates, I do enjoy one of those on occasions.

    Get Moving

    This is another hard one for me. I do recognize and know that I feel so much better after a walk or exercise routine, but there are some days that I just don’t get around to it. Before I know it my daughters home from school, I’m helping with homework, cooking dinner and going through the bedtime routine. JUST DO IT! Get it done, you will feel so much better! I’ve started doing the Wii Fit, which is actually really fun, sometimes I forget I’m exercising, lol. The other day I ended up doing it for one and 1/2 hours… I was feeling it the next day and it felt GREAT! I’ve also been going to the park and walking the track with my 7 year old after her dance classes once a week. It’s nice to have some time just the 2 of us, too. If you don’t have a Wii Fit or exercise DVD’s, pin the image below and use it as a reference for some quick exercise routines that you can do on your own.

    easy 10 min excerise routines

    Raining or snowing out.. or maybe it’s 100+ degrees outside? Try this living room workout from Jessica Smith:

    living room workout

    Have a Support System

    Whether it be family members, a friend or even an online group or network having the support of others is important to the success of any journey, including weightless and fitness. Support systems can provide motivation, encouragement. They give you someone to talk to about the good things and the bad.

    I recently joined an online Fitness program called Revolt. It has weekly meal plans, daily workouts and a super supportive network of other people who are going through the program as well. And stay tuned because I will be updating you on the program and my progress.

    What do you find helpful for you and your health and fitness routine?