Easy 3 Ingredient Healthy Pancake Recipe

easy three ingredient health pancake recipe

In a recent health and fitness post I mention joining an online “get fit” program called Revolt Now. Revolt Now has weekly healthy meal plans and daily workouts, visit there website for more information on how to become a member. It’s been extremely helpful to me in my journey to a healthier, more fit me. I wanted to share this recipe that was inspired by this program. The original recipe called for just oats and egg whites, but I like to add banana.

Easy 3 Ingredient Healthy Pancake Recipe

This is a super simple, 3 ingredient recipe for healthy pancakes. I have to be honest, before making these I had never made pancakes before in my life… nope, sure hadn’t. I had no idea how easy and healthy they could be!

Items needed:
Egg Whites

1/2 cup of Oats
3 Egg Whites
1 Banana (as I mentioned above this is actually optional, you can leave this out and have an easy 2 ingredient recipe)

Optional: You can also add cinnamon and/or vanilla extract.


Combine items in a blender (I use a Ninja) and blend until smooth. You may need to add water (or more oats) to get the blend to a pancake batter consistency. Coat your pan with coconut oil, cook over medium heat.

oatmeal banana pancakes
oatmeal banana pancakes

Top with syrup or fruit!

easy healthy pancake recipe

What are your favorite 2 or 3 ingredient recipes?

I linked up with The Newlywed Table Recipe Link Up, check it out for more great recipe ideas!


  1. Fellow Revolt Blogger Here…Great idea to add the banana!!! That would of rocked my world! Next time protein pancakes are on the menu I will have to add one! :)

  2. Pancakes are a great healthy breakfast. We add fruit to ours all the time. My favorite is strawberry.

  3. This is the best pancake recipe I’ve seen so far. I really like the idea of adding oats since the texture would really make the pancake more interesting. The banana and oats will add more nutrients to the recipe, which makes it way better than the traditional one. I think cinnamon would be really good on this. I can’t wait to try it.

  4. This was so easy and tastes amazing! Apsolutly making this forever. Can’t believe it tastes this good with only 3 ingredients. Even With a whole banana in it, it’s not an overwelhming taste of it. The portion size was even perfect for one person. Thanks for the recipe!!


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