How to Remove Grass, Dirt and Clay Stains from Clothing

My daughter is always coming home with some type of stain on her clothing be it food, markers or paint from school it’s always something. She loves the outdoors, she is a true country girl so I’ve had to become an expert on how to remove grass, dirt and clay stains from clothing. If you have kids, especially kids that play sports this is some handy information to have. I can across this infographic with step by step stain removal process from some of the most common and toughest stains like grass and dirt and stains. They seem like great tips, a few of them are even knew to me, like Murphy’s Oil Soap for red clay, for instance. If she ever gets red clay stains on her clothes I will know what to try.

Be sure to pin the photo below for future reference.. you will never know when you might need it.

Image provided by: Volleyball Jerseys for Women.
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