Gifts for Men: Noreclo SensoTouch 3D Shaver

When I first saw the Noreclo SensoTouch 3D, I thought it looked like a really nice shaver and it would make a great gift. I surprised the Man of the House by getting him one. Now, since it is winter time he is actually not shaving his beard… but I did get this to use the trimmer portion (yes, it has a trimmer as well) to clean up around the beard.

Noreclo SensoTouch 3D,

Features he loves:

>>Fast Charging Time
>>The lighted display letting you know how much charge time is left
>>Easy Grip
>>Wet Shave Option
>>Skin friendly precision trimmer

Other features include:

>>Low-friction SkinGlide shaving surface – slides smoothly for a close, easy shave
>>Dry Shave Option
>>Dual Blade System
>>3 specialized tracks: slots for normal hair; channels for long or flat laying hair; holes for the shortest stubble on the face.

Noreclo SensoTouch 3D,IMG_0147Noreclo SensoTouch 3D,Noreclo SensoTouch 3D,

The Noreclo SensoTouch 3D Shaver comes with the following:
>>Charging Station/Razor Holder
>>Cleaning Brush

Noreclo SensoTouch 3D,

Win It!

Until December 17 Philips Norelco will give their Twitter followers the chance to upgrade their electric shaving experience — and holiday experience – by giving away a PowerTouch with Aquatec every day. We will also give away a weekly $1,000 and SensoTouch 3D grand prize. You can find all of the details, rules and prizes on their Twitter page @ShaveExperts.

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