Unique Gift Ideas for the Hard to Buy For: Hog Wash and Toe Juice

Every year my dad insists that we NOT get him anything for Christmas, yet he always gets us something and we end up feeling bad if we don’t get him at least a little something. Of course he will never give me any hints or ideas and I don’t want to get him something he won’t use or doesn’t need just for the sake of getting him something. I’m sure we all feel this way and would love to find a useful unique gift for the hard to buy for people is our lives. Enter the Hog Wash and Toe Juice Combo Pack:

Unique Gift Ideasplant based skin care

Is this some sort of gag gift idea? Not exactly! These are skin care products made from DermaVine®, which is a blend of plant-based extracts that enhance the skin’s natural repairing ability. It contains willow bark, lemon peel, and Cinnamon extracts.

Toe Juice

The Toe Juice is a liquid that can be used for refreshing and soothing skin irritations caused by dryness, like psoriasis, eczema, athlete’s foot.

Hog Wash

Hog Wash is a gel hand sanitizer. It dries quickly, doesn’t leave a stick or greasy feeling and is a must have for anyone, really, to protect against germs. The plant based ingredients make this one hand sanitizer that is actually good for the skin and won’t cause dryness.

Both products are:
Fast Drying
>>Non greasy
>>All natural
Plant based

Hog Wash and Toe Juice

Unique Gift Ideas

My dad is a goofy guy and appreciates a good gag gift, but the Hog Wash and Toe Juice are something he can benefit from as well. While they are useful products, you have to admit with names like Hog Wash and Toe Juice, they will likely create a chuckle.

The Hog Wash / Toe Juice Combo Pack contains the following:
>> (1) 8 fl oz hog wash
(1) 2 fl oz hog wash
(1) 4.6 fl oz Toe Juice
(1) 1 fl oz Toe Juice

Price: $25.00

Buy it: This combo pack and items in it can be purchased online at toejuice.com

Win in: We are giving away a Toe Juice/Hog Wash Combo Pack for the Happy Holidays Giveaway Hop, November 15- 29.



  1. not a fan of the names but cute idea