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I introduced you to JustGoodStuff in my mini- review of their Pet Shampoo bar, but now I want to go more in-depth and let you get to know Joy and Ginny, the creators, as well as tell you about the incredible products they shared with me.

In the fall of 2010 Joy and Ginny were inspired to create non-toxic and nourishing skin care items, because they just didn’t want to keep adding toxins to their bodies. There are a lot of products out there that feature really good ingredients, but then a few “bad” ones are mixed in, defeating the idea. Wanting something with “just good stuff” led them to spending untold hours researching ingredients and trying out their “recipes,” and after sharing their creations with friends and family, the response was overwhelming! They are now sharing the results of their journey with you! Joy and Ginny typically make their products 3 or 4 times a month on weekends, even some weeknights, to keep up with the demand as their products are discovered. Originally, they worked from Ginny’s home as they built their confidence and learned the best techniques, but now they each also mix and prepare their creations independently.  I have met both women in person and they are incredibly nice. Smiling, fun and knowledgeable about their business. Their love and passion for what they are building is evident and really moving to witness. I found myself grinning a lot when I was around them because their upbeat personalities just rub off on you. I left with an awesome goodie bag of products to try out, and I am sooo glad.

Not me- just a random happy lady.

As those of you who regularly read my reviews know, I often tell you about a new find that becomes a personal favorite, and I have switched to a reviewed brand several times because it impressed me so much. Well, after spending about two-plus weeks using a bunch of their products, I have 7 (!!) new products that I will be buying and using, either completely replacing my prior brand or product, or incorporating into my life.  Yeah, I am THAT blown away!

Read on, and I’ll describe each item I used and I’ll also let you know which ones are now MUST-HAVES! Just because of space, if you want to see a full ingredient list for an item, head over to their storefront  or their ingredients list and you can view it there.


Herbal Deodorant Stick:

MUST-HAVE!  This is actually kind of ironic, because when I was chatting with Ginny and Joy I told them I’d have hub or my son try this, since I like a beachy, cool or fresh type of scent for my deodorant. After I had used the lotion bar on my way home, tried the basic soap when washing up to start dinner, used the Mango/Avocado soap as a body wash in my shower that night and followed up with the Mango Body Butter, I stood in the bathroom and thought, “Okay, I GOTTA try this, too.” I used it, and then kept on using it – I can tell you that I am converted! I adore this deodorant stick. While not my normal scent like I said, I love how it barely leaves any scent at all- completely different from my old normal preference. It does have Essential Oils of Clary Sage, Lime and Lavender, and it does smell fresh and pretty, just very, very subtle. It works wonderfully. I tried it when stacking wood, and I always work up a sweat doing that, half from exertion and half ’cause it hurts my shoulder. I’ve worn it when on my treadmill, and during workout DVDs. Amazing protection! It feels wonderful, it’s clear, and best of all, every single thing in it is good stuff! No aluminum!  I seriously could never go back to any of my previous brands.  I just think it’s funny that the one thing I basically said I wouldn’t try turned out to be practically my favorite!




Secret use! This soap is like the others in that it leaves your skin feeling soft, but for makeup mavens, here’s a tip: having used a different makeup-brush cleaner with hemp and almond oil, I decided to give this a try as a brush cleaner. Whoa Nelly! It does work, and I love how soft and clean my brushes are! I just wet the bar and my brush(es), swipe them back and forth across the bar a few times to get the soap evenly on the brush, then proceed as normal. Awesome!

Basic Soap-

MUST-HAVE! This is the first thing I tried after the lotion bar. I knew right away it was special. With only 4 ingredients, yes, it’s basic, but it lathers so beautifully (a feature each of the soaps I/we tried all share) and leaves your skin soft, but clean. It smells pure and clean, too. And get this- my son actually asked if he could take the bar to the kids’ bathroom to use as their soap! When have you ever heard of a teenage boy, who spends his days in the woods getting dirtier than dirt, request to use a certain kind of soap? He said it really felt good on his dry, cracked skin and I said, “Take it!”

The Basic Soap.



MUST-HAVE! I tried this first as a body wash and I will also continue to buy this soap. As a body wash it’s amazing. I’ve griped to you before about how picky I am about body wash – I want to feel clean, but not dried out, and yet I don’t want to feel greasy either. This bar lathers like a dream, and leaves your skin so soft, you don’t actually need lotion- I use lotion anyway and always will, but the point is, the two times I tried going without after-shower lotion when using this bar, it was okay! My skin didn’t feel like it would crack, and it wasn’t tight; I just felt soft and, yes, supple! Kudos to Joy and Ginny on this recipe! Winner, winner! When I buy more this will also be my kitchen sink hand soap. I just totally love it.

Shea/Almond- This soap is also ultra-moisturizing. If I wasn’t so gaga over the Mango/Avocado, this would be my favorite. This is the one hub says he likes most.

Shaving Soap-

MUST-HAVE! I hardly have to shave at all, since using my *Remington iLight, but on the very few occasions I do – WOW! I couldn’t go back to a gel or shave cream after using this. It leaves your skin mega soft, and I felt like my razor was just gliding over my skin. Hub says it’s worth the extra second or two to lather up with this instead of cream from a can because he thinks the same as me- his shave just felt closer and smoother, and his razor seemed to glide. Total winner!




Facial Products:

Rhassoul Facial Bar-

MUST-HAVE!  A FANTASTIC detox facial bar! I have a daily glycolic cleanser I’m hard-core hooked on right now, but I like this so much I’m alternating with it. Deep, deep clean feeling, plus really clear-looking skin when you are done cleansing. Not just for your face, but I’m putting it here since that is how I’m using it. Tops!

I love the Rhassoul Facial Bar- I like to use it with my Pretika Facial Brush.

Detoxifying/Calming Facial Mask-

I really liked the mask. With Rhassoul, other clays, and chamomile tea, it really does do a great job of pulling impurities from your skin. You steep the tea bag in about a tablespoon or so of boiling water for 5 minutes. Squeeze excess liquid from the tea bag, then take the liquid and mix it with the powdered clay. Apply to your face and neck, and relax until completely dried. Rinse. Ahh. Feels lovely, and is a  wonderful treat once a week.

Fabulous  Facial Moisturizer-

I’ve been using a few drops of this oil with my night cream and really like the moisturizing boost it gives. A combination of only two oils, it  won’t clog pores, but it really amps up the moisture on your face. I like to massage any excess into my hands each evening, too.

The Facial Moisturizer and the Night Time Eye Balm.

Night Time Eye Balm-

It says night time, but I have this sitting out on the kitchen counter in easy reach, next to lip balm #7, and I dab a little under my eyes throughout the day. It’s a handy little stick for quick and easy application and I really like how moisturizing it is and how good it feels.

Lip Balms by formula #


A nice all-around lip balm- not too shiny, not too matte.


If  #7  wasn’t available this would be my next choice. Very similar to 7, but just a little less gloss. Very nice.

#7 –

MUST-HAVE!! I love this! Super luxe feeling, glossy, and shiny, and my lips are so soft and pretty! Love this balm!!

#9 –

This is the only thing I tried that I didn’t fall for- I like my lip balms slick, and I like them to leave a gloss or shine on my lips. This is a drier feel. While it’s not for me, my hub really, really likes it- he called it a “man-balm,” lol. Since it is drier with no real sheen, it is nice for a guy who’s dealing with chapped lips but who doesn’t like the typical balms that feel filmy and leave shine.


Coconut Milk Shea Body Butter and Mango Body Butter

The Mango Butter and The Coconut Milk Shea  Butter are rich, whipped butters that leave your skin soft and subtly fragrant  in an earthy, fresh way. I have been using both of these after bathing. The only reason I’m not adding these as must-haves is because I have a different butter and daily lotion set that I adore and love, and that I was using before I started using these… and I have a back up set for when the first ones are gone ;-p  So I know I won’t re-purchase the mango or coconut butters for a while, but I might down the road.

Luxurious Lotion Bar- MUST-HAVE!

This is the first product I tried. While waiting at a red light in the car, I pulled this out and began rubbing it between my hands to help it liquefy from the warmth of my skin. I knew I loved it from the get go. Super silky feeling, and it really leaves your skin soft and conditioned- I took a tip from the creators and I always rub a bit into my cuticles. I will keep buying this to keep in my purse. I’m hooked on this little flower-shaped gem!


The Lotion Bar- I used their pic because not a single one of mine turned out. Aren’t the bars cute?!

Whew! I really got going, huh? All in all, I am loving the products- I’m going to buy quite a few of them myself to keep using, and I hope you will try them, too! Visit them on  FacebookTwitter and Pinterest to stay up to date on specials and new products!

Ginny and Joy want to give a Howard House Reader the chance to win a goody bag of their own, so hop over HERE to enter, Good Luck!!


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