Fast, Fun and Affordable Bargains!



I think most of us have either bought or sold something via online auction. And I know for myself, I’ve gotten a few great deals.  The biggest auction buzz is always about the penny auction sites. Except the buzz isn’t always positive. But there is a site, an alternative to penny auctions that is risk free and has some built in features that make it a place to check out for serious bargains. DealDash is the longest operating online auction site of it’s kind in the United States.  I was browsing the winners and as of  a few minutes ago, this is Saturday afternoon btw) I saw a $50.00 Amazon card that went for $10.49, a Pink Asus laptop that was won for $31.15 and quite a lot of video games that were won for roughly 90% of retail! Not Bad. I also noticed that it’s free to register on Deal Dash, although you need to buy bids if you want to try and win an auction. Bids sell for .60 cents each but it looks like they have specials often, with bids sold for as low as .15 cents each.  When I was on the site, there was a sale going on for bid packs at 70% off. 200 bids for $36.00 – and you can use PayPal. They have a few incentives to try DealDash risk free If you register and as a first time bidder, you use all your bids in your bid pack, but don’t win…they give you all your bids back to give you a second chance! Cool. Plus, they have a buy it now option, so if you don’t win an auction- you can buy the item at the buy it now price, and you get all your bids back. And finally, DealDash will refund your entire first purchase, no questions asked! A 100% money back guarantee! It looks pretty good. I registered but haven’t purchased a bid pack yet, when I do, and if I win something great- I’ll let you know!