– Bling Your iPhone For Less


For me, half the fun of getting a new tech gadget is personalizing it and making it my own. Usually something pink and girly.

For iPhone users, though, there’s, a great site that sells discounted iPhone cases, bumpers, and batteries. Many of their products sell for at least half off the original price. They have a nice selection, including waterproof iPhone cases, NFL cases, and custom cases.

Most low price phone cases are often flimsy plastic, or cheap rubber that doesn’t offer a secure fit for the phone.My sister has ranted about that, at length!  On, you can find cases for comparable prices but  superior materials and quality. Even the cuter more “girly” cases offer the same protection without the loss of a fun accessory! The options and the prices make the cases an easy gift idea. Always fun!

Browsing through looking through their iPhone cases  featured collection, I liked the Pink Lifeproof iPhone 4 and 4S Case, which sells on the site for $45.99. Super cute. I like that it’s waterproof, too.

They have a great selection even including wooden iPhone cases- for less than fifteen dollars!

I’ve scouted around on other sites, and that’s a pretty good price.

I also like the Pink iPhone Bumper, which is a good option for those who want their iPhones to be protected, but are looking for a low-price item. is currently offering the following discount codes:

Coupon code: 5off55

$5.00 off orders equal or above $55.00

Coupon code: 10off100

$10.00 off orders equal or above $100.00

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Christmas is coming and can help you with your gift list.Take advantage of the discount codes to get more for less! 


  1. OOOH makes me wish I had an Iphone lol. Thanks for a great review! I will be passing this info on to friends !!

  2. I haven’t yet hit the digital age with a iPhone, or anything close…. but this might be a great place to get some gifts for the family members that are tied to their phones!