Black Alexa Duffle Studded Calfskin Leather Bag- The Gotta Have It Handbag

My post title pretty much says it all. One look at this bag and “Gotta Have It!” began flashing through my mind. I am a purse freak. As much as I love shoes, I have an even bigger weakness for handbags, purses, clutches, satchels, hobos, duffels and totes–you name it. Since I’m not rich, I have to keep my desires in check price-wise, and I am always looking for the most bang for my buck. So, for me, finding a site like is like being a kid at Disneyland. It’s where magic happens. Masses of designer-inspired bags at real-people prices! YAY!

When I first visited their site, I saw a tab titled “Top 25 Most Coveted Bags”  and after browsing through the list it’s plain to see why it’s titled that way.Take a look at these two bags off the Top 25 list:

The Essential  Grace Leather Bag in Pink.  Isn’t that lovely??


And this one is too stunning. A statement piece. The Kellia Snakeskin Leather Tote in Blue.


You would think the prices would be out of reach, but the Grace is just $149.00- for an all-leather bag. Awesomeness. The Kellia is even better- $89.00.  You can shop at BagInc with search filters like: must have, color, trends, genuine leather, best sellers and more. They also have a navigation tool so you can “shop under”- for example, “shop under” $10.00 or “shop under” $40.00–which is a neat feature to help keep you on budget.They have a great selection of wallets, scarves, belts and jewelry too.

I chose the BagInc Alexa Duffle Studded Calfskin Leather Bag. It just popped out at me right way. At first I was going to go with the violet one because it’s so pretty, and I thought  it would look nice with my hair (really, because I have a violet wash going on right now) but then after going back and forth, I decided on black. I often buy colored purses, but thought this bag really stands out in black because of the designer shape and stud accents. Shipping was fast, and it arrived well-packaged. It came in a cloth sack with drawstrings, for storage. 

When I’m shopping for bags I want soft leather, on-trend styling, and functionality, and this gem has all that in spades. I ADORE THIS BAG!!!!  The pictures really can’t convey how super soft and supple the pebbled leather is. It’s luscious. The type of softness you just keep touching.


It’s beautifully lined and the seams (pet peeve of mine–seams indicate quality, and I want them strong, straight and symmetrical) are wonderful. There are hidden pockets on the outside of the bag, as well as an inner zipped pocket, plus two more open pockets opposite. The zippers are also strong and sturdy. Plenty of room inside. It’s an oversize bag, but not by too much. I put down a pillowcase so you could see the detail better. My duvet cover is lavender/black and the first few pics were hard to see. Yeah, poor hub has to sleep on pink sheets! LOL



With the studded detail on the bottom, it’s just a striking looking bag.The studs aren’t just decorative though, they’ll keep you from scuffing the bottom of your purse. Pretty and smart. A good combination. The Alexa comes with an optional  shoulder strap. While I usually carry my bags hooked over my arm, I want the shoulder strap because after a long day in town, I want to be able to just throw the strap over my shoulder since I have shopping bags or whatnot. This is my new go-to bag; it can be an everyday handbag or a dressed-up bag. It works either way.

 Behind my smile I’m thinking “MINE, MINE, MINE!”

If you are shopping for a new handbag (and when aren’t we?) I can highly recommend The quality and prices are terrific, and the selection is huge! 

As a special treat for you, right now you can win the same bag I received for my review! Click through the link to enter and GOOD LUCK!!  *CLICK HERE ALEXA DUFFLE GIVEAWAY CLICK HERE*



  1. Samantha K says:

    Cute bag! I love the studded bottom. The bottom corners of my bags tend to get torn and ruin the whole bag. That would eliminate that problem! I have a slight weakness for handbags, so I can’t wait to start searching the site. Thanks!

  2. The Most Coveted Bag for Years Leather Tan is beautiful but I have a thing for all crossbody bags. With my things and the kids things, we completely damage a bag a month but this looks so sturdy.

  3. The pink bag is my favorite, it’s really elegant

  4. we had an issue at my home, where many of my bags that I collected over the years were ruined–so I only have two that I use now and would love to expand my collection. I love the pinkness of the Grace–but love love love the studded bottom of the black bag and it looks so roomy too! I am entering now!!! wish my luck!!

  5. OOps it’s the essential Grace Leather bag!

  6. OMG Love this bag!!!

  7. It sounds like this bag is as great as it looks! Thank you for the great review!

  8. colleen boudreau says:

    I looove the The Route 66 Cowhide Leather Bag in Black!

  9. What a gorgeous bag! I definitely need a new one.

  10. Love the bag you reviewed and the So Soho Suede Leather Satchel Blue! Both would be great for fall and winter!

  11. Seriously.. how does one pick just one? I love them all.

  12. Wow, they have some amazing bags! I really love the Dolores Leather Shoulder Bag in Blue 😀

  13. Oh my!!!
    It’s lovely!! You’re right too… I want my leather soft and those seams better be sturdy and straight!

  14. OH!
    And this Melrose Glam Kellia Studded Leather Bag is SWEET!!! LOVE!

  15. Nice purses – love leather – these are not really my style but they look good on YOU!!

  16. My fav is The Essential Grace Leather Bag in Pink.

  17. I love the The Route 66 Cowhide Leather Bag Black.

  18. I love the route 66 cowhide bag in black!

  19. Very cute, a must have bag for sure! Love the Essential Grace Leather bag :0)

  20. These are gorgeous handbags. I love handbags. They make me happy!

  21. I like the Vanessa Leather Tote in Blue

  22. Trasina McGahey says:

    Love the Melrose Glam So Soho Cowhide Leather Black and the The Grand City Medium Leather Bag Grey and ok, I like em all lol.

  23. Diana Devlin says:

    I checked out their website and all of their purses are beautiful! I love the studded bottom of the Calfskin Leather Bag! I love purses but I have never spent a lot of money on one because I just don’t have that extra cash to spend on accessories. But comparing the quality and construction of these bags compared to other high end ones, they really are an incredible value! Thanks for introducing me to this line of hand bags; I may have to put one on my Christmas list :-)

  24. Eliza Day says:

    I like the Essential Grace Pink Leather bag. I actually like them all but the pink one is a bit more elegant than the others and it’s something I could wear to an upscale gathering.

  25. I checked out their site as well and one of there “newest” finds is pretty nice – ok its really nice – The Essential Jane Leather Bag Grey. I think it would a great “professional” bag

  26. Debra L. Guillen says:

    They have some nice bags…I like the Vanessa Leather Tote Blue With Blue Horse Fur

  27. Melissa JN says:

    I love the So Soho Suede Leather Satchel in Blue! The blue color is so pretty, almost like a teal and the suede is just sumptuous! I love that there is a small handbag style handle as well as a longer shoulder strap. I also appreciate that there is a zipped divider inside, making this bag both stylish AND practical!

  28. Wanda McHenry says:

    I absolutely love the Hot Designer Style Leather Bag in Blue

  29. I love the blue Kellia Snakeskin Leather Tote. I looked it up on the website and its bigger than it looks. It would fit everything I needed.

  30. I am SUCH a bag person!! These are gorgeous! I would take them ALL!!!

  31. I could fit so much stuff in that bag. No woman can have too many bags.

  32. Cheryl Rahkonen says:

    I checked out the website and they have many beautiful purses and other items. I really loved The Most Coveted Bag for Years Leather Brown. This purse looks so roomy and comes in several different colors. I would love to have it.

  33. Lorna England says:

    Great review! You hit all the major points!
    The bottom studs are a terrific feature!
    I also like the Kellia Snakeskin Leather Tote !

  34. OM Stars this bag is amazing. What fun!
    I personally love the Vanessa Leather Tote Black And White

  35. elven johnson says:

    Love the studs!!
    Mademoiselle Leather Bag Black

  36. Catherine C. says:

    I love the Keillia snakeskin you posted! Loving animal prints!

  37. I love the as seen in magazines black hobo!

  38. Wow! Great site for bags! A lamb skin bag for $85!!! OMG. My favorite bag is probably the Exotic Weekender Snakeskin Bag.

  39. It’s so beautiful. there are no words. I love it!

  40. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I really love the Vanessa Leather Tote in Wine with Wine Horse Fur. I think it’s a perfect color for Fall. :)

  41. I love the Mademoiselle Leather Bag Black

  42. it looks very cute and you can put alot of stuff in it

  43. Devona Fryer says:

    Highway 61 Revisited Leather Bag Black

  44. I like the Vanessa Leather Tote Blue With Blue Horse Fure

  45. This would be a nice Christmas present for my wife, she could use the studs on the bottom for protection!

  46. wendy wallach says:

    i really appreciate the studs on the bottom of the bag you reviewed. Its a great feature. I actually love the Mademoiselle Leather Bag Black


  48. I love the Essential Jane Leather Bag in Grey!

  49. Looks like a gorgeous bag with lots of room for my stuff! I’m loving the Naomi C Suede Fringe Hobo Chocolate!

  50. Jenna Wood says:

    Oooh, I love the Vanessa Leopard Tote with Leather and Horse Fur.

  51. love the pink bag

  52. i love the The Look For Less Leather Bag Black!!

  53. I love the Melrose Glam Kellia Studded Leather Bag Black!!

  54. I love the The Glamourous Weekend Bag Leather Brown as it is my style of hand bag.

  55. mary fanara coleman says:

    Elegant and sassy bag. I love the The Kellia Snakeskin Leather Tote in Blue the best.

  56. Elizabeth Owens says:

    This site has such cute bags! I love the Robyn Cross Body Leather Bag Green because the green is such a pretty color

  57. love that bag on you! i also checked out the Liya Croc Leather Long Wallet Brown! you can’t beat genuine leather accessories.

  58. There’s nothing like a real leather bag. My favorite is their The Most Coveted Bag For Years Leather Cream. Thanks for the review.

  59. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    I like the style of this bag. With all the pockets and zippers, it would be handy for me. I don’t like to show off what I’m carrying!

  60. The studs on the bottom of that bag are killer!

  61. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I love the Vanessa Leather Tote Black And White

  62. What a great bag! I love how it’s simple, yet the studs add that extra detail!

    I also love their Evita Calfskin Tote in grey. They have such fun things!

  63. wendi watson says:

    these bags are all very gorgeous…..i love this one and a few others! htnaks

  64. kimberly bhatti says:

    i love the Lady Gaga Customized Studded Bag Hot Pink

  65. I love the Essential Grace Leather Bag Blue!

  66. Lisa Brooks says:

    The black one with the studs is adorable. I also LOVE the pink one! I don’t wear alot of pink, but I cant help but fall in love with most pink bags i see! Soo pretty.

  67. Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

    So many great bags! It’s hard to pick one favorite but I absolutely love the Vanessa Leather Tote Wine With Wine Horse Fur!

  68. krista grandstaff says:

    What a great bag…I love the studded bottom, it seems like it wears the quickest on a soft leather bag…

  69. Any bag with ‘duffle’ in the name is just too big. I much prefer their stylish London leather Tote in camel and they have loads of bags in all size ranges

  70. that is an awesome bag! thanks for sharing

  71. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    gorgeous! I also love their Bag Snob Leather in Tan

  72. I like

    Glamorous Weekender Bag Leather Brown

  73. All of these are so cute! I love the Pink Grace Leather Bag :)

  74. I love the On The Road Again Leather Bag

  75. I like the The Essential Jane Leather Bag in Grey

  76. Rebel Without A Cause Denim Tote Blue

  77. That’s a really nice looking bag!

  78. Yolanda Flores says:

    Find the The Kellia Snakeskin Leather Tote adorable!

  79. Love the Kellia Snakeskin bag in blue..How different and exotic..

  80. Nikki Elkins says:

    I love love love the bag you reviewed!! there are so many to choose from!!
    another one I love is Melrose Glam Kellia Studded Leather Bag Black

  81. This looks so nice, I’d love to have one

  82. I do like them all …how could you not , but I do like The Essential Grace Leather Bag in Pink a tad bit more . Pink is my favorite color . Thank you for the chance to win that lovely black bag.

  83. i like The Most Coveted Bag for Years Leather Black

  84. I like the On The Road Again Leather bag in gray. They do have some nice bags and I like the duffle style also :)

  85. sara m ford says:

    Ok being that my fav bag was the duffle bag I had to find my second and found this one witch is amazing in its own right Desperate Housewives Snakeskin Tote Red

  86. Sharon Siqueiros says:

    I love Bag Inc!! We pitched in at work and bought the boss a bag and she’s been thrilled about it since. My favorite bag is the Melrose Glam Samurai studded tote, I see it’s pretty popular cause it’s sold out (boohoo)

  87. Catalina K says:

    I agree that the piece you are reviewing is lovely and so practical, at the same time. I also like the Glamorous Weekender Bag Leather Brown SKU: 34-SF8082B very much because it seems to be quite roomy, it is made of genuine leather (therefore, being more resistant), and it also comes in my favorite shade of brown. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  88. sun chicka says:

    The Kellia Snakeskin is my favorite!

  89. Tina Renee Barker says:

    I adore the The Essential Grace Leather Bag Blue! So chic!

  90. I love the florence leather tote in coffee!

  91. My wife loves the Kellia Snakeskin Leather Tote.

  92. Great bag, although I’m not a huge fan of studded bottoms because of how much I wind up putting my bag on my car when searching for keys 😛 I do love the The Essential Jane Leather Bag in Grey on the BagInc site, so cute and easily paired with so many outfits!

  93. shirley zolenski says:

    I like the essential Grace Leather bag

  94. kathy pease says:

    I also love the Lady Gaga Customized Studded Bag Hot Pink

  95. I like The Most Coveted Bag for Years in Croc Leather Black.

  96. Richard Hicks says:

    Like their Queensland Bag or Backpack White because it is sassy and cute

    brich22 at earthlink dot net


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