National Skin Care Awareness Month Is Ending – Eucerin Review


September is National Skin Care Awareness Month!


Being a skin care junkie, I am always interested in tips and tricks for keeping your skin in the best possible condition. In honor of National Skin Care Awareness Month, I want to share a few of my favorite tips.

1. Cleansing. This is the foundation of any skin care regime. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on lotions or creams if you don’t cleanse properly.  Choose a cleanser suited to your skin type. If you have oily skin, choose one specifically made to deal with that. Mature skin? Choose a moisturizing wash.  Cleanse daily. I always wash my face thoroughly at night, even if I just stayed home and didn’t wear make up. Don’t skip it because you are tired. Our skin heals as we sleep and you want to give it the optimal environment- so clean your face! I often just use a rose water toner in the mornings, unless i used a heavy duty night cream. 

2. Exfoliate. Get those nasty dead skin cells off your face! Exfoliating encourages new cell turnover and your skin looks glow-y and prettier when you exfoliate. It also helps your skin absorb nutrients and the active ingredients in your skin care treatments. Don’t forget  to exfoliate your body when you bathe. Elbows, knees and feet. Those areas tend to get discolored and thicker skinned with age. Help your body look good!

3. SPF. Wear it every day.You have to. Period. Don’t forget to apply to your arms, legs, neck…those are exposed to the sun, too.Not just your face.

4. Hydrate. Drink your water. Your skin needs to stay hydrated to look it’s best. You need to stay hydrated to feel your best. If you want- dress up your beverages with sliced citrus or frozen blueberries. Just drink up!


5. Moisturize. Use a quality face cream or lotion and don’t forget body lotion to keep the moisture in your skin. It’s just as important in the cooler weather as in the summer. In fact, as the weather turns colder our skin dries out faster due to the heaters running and the air getting so dry. 


For me, and my family, I like Eucerin lotions. Although I adore boutique brands, I always have bottles of Eucerin on hand. It’s my favorite mass market brand. In fact they have been around over 100 years! Dermatologist recommended and they have formulations that meet every need. For a light weight, every day lotion, meaning it’s one I apply every AM, is Eucerin’s Daily Replenishing Lotion. Fragrance free and light, it’s a perfect protective shield for my skin. It absorbs fast and doesn’t ever feel greasy. I keep a bottle by the kitchen sink, too. Even hub uses this lotion. Since there is no scent, he doesn’t balk, lol.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body…take care of it!


If you visit the Eucerin Facebook Page, you can Pledge for a Free Sample of Eucerin lotion.

And, if you’d like to win a bottle of Daily Replenshing Lotion- you can click HERE. Good Luck!



  1. Thanks for the great tips and info on skin care month. I definitely need to focus on exfoliating, my skin is so dry!

  2. I’ve noticed now that I’m in my 30s I need to take extra care of my skin. It’s not as young looking as it once was. The lotion with spf is a big one for me since I already have sun spots (and tons of freckles). I really need to work on hydrating more though.

  3. They are one of my faves for winter!

  4. we use this for my son

  5. No matter how many “expensive” moisturizers I try, I always revert back to my Eucarin face moisturizer. It’s simply the best!

  6. My grandmother had skin cancer so its something I’m very cautious of. thanks for the reminder! :)

  7. I love this brand! I use it on me and my kids!

  8. I always forget SPF but this is a great reason to use it!

  9. I didn’t realize it was national skincare month. Eucerin is actually my preferred lotion. I have bottles of it all over the house.

  10. Surprisingly I have never used this brand before. I have heard many good things about it though. I am like Ellen Christian above, I often forget the SPF in my routine, that’s why I love when my foundations have it in it, so I don’t have to worry about that step. lol.

  11. Great tips! I always forget to take care of my skin as a mom. :)

  12. Brad Merrell says:

    Eurerin really is a good product. I use it all the time.

  13. Luv the tips! I luv the Eucerin anti itch. I just tried it for the first time. Anytime I find Eucerin on sale and have a coupon I grab it as my skin needs lotion everyday! Thanks to my thyroid lol

    Gladys P

  14. They make great products!