Back to School with Master Lock


Did you know that one laptop is stolen every 53 seconds*?! That is a surprisingly high statistic. With it being back to school time for so many students, it is important to make sure our electronic valuables are safe and protected. Master Lock has several products that can help you secure your items.

I know I feel more comfortable knowing that I have my laptop protected with Master Lock’s Set-Your-Own SafeSpace Laptop Computer Lock. This lock consists of a self-coiling cable, trusted dial locking mechanism, and durable metal construction. It offers over 10,000 numeric/alpha lock combination possibilities. This type of lock is ideal for helping to keep laptops safe and any information on them secure.

Price: $24.99.

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The 5900D SafeSpace (the first picture below) provides students with protection for smart phones, cash, credit cards, keys, jewelry, cameras and more while on-the-go! The dialSpeed Electronic Padlock allows users to store multiple set-your-own primary and guest codes. Each lock is also preprogrammed with a unique permanent Backup Master Code users can retrieve from – ensuring they never lose their combination again!

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Find more products from Master Lock to help you protect your valuables and visit Master Lock on Facebook.

*According to a Gartner Group Study



  1. I really like the SpaceSafe, this would be great for use at school, work, the gym, just about anywhere. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This would be perfect for going to the gym and keeping valuables safe. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Alisha Kostiuk says:

    Thank you for sharing. I really need to look into these as my daughter takes her laptop to school now and I can not afford to purchase another one.

  4. If my kids lose their keys as often as I did when I was little, they’ll be needing this. Thanks for this kind of lock innovation.