5 Ways To Look 5 Years Younger In 5 Minutes

We all have them. Those days when we wake up and just look, and feel, blah. Short of climbing back into bed and trying again the next morning (though tempting) what can you do to dial it up a notch?


Here are 5 ways you can look 5 years younger in 5 minutes or less for each step.

1. Wake up. Yes, I know you are already awake, I mean wake up your skin. If you are headed for the shower, grab your loofah or wet body brush and starting at the soles of your feet, give yourself a good brisk scrub. Work up your calves, thighs and hips to your belly using small circular movements, but finish each area with long upward strokes. Small circles on your belly, ending in shorter upward strokes towards your heart. For your arms, start with your hands first, your palms and then the back of your hand. Raise your arm above your head and use quick short movements, going towards your heart all the way to your shoulders. Finish by stroking your loofah across each shoulder, towards your clavicle. Next with your washcloth, face brush or face buffing sponge, do your face and neck.  Start at your clavicle and sweep in upward circles, to your chin, then large circles over your whole face. Finish your face with upward strokes, towards your forehead. At the end of your shower, turn the heat way down and finish with very cool water.

Now your skin is glowing and you probably feel much more “up”.  If you are not showering, do all of the above with a dry brush as this also rejuvenates and helps with circulation to make you look and feel more energized.

2. Moisturize. Just adding moisture to your skin can be enough to take you from dull to dazzle. Apply an energizing lotion from neck to feet. I keep several of my beauty products in the fridge: rose water, eye gel, citrus body butter and peppermint foot cream. The chilled effect is invigorating. Next apply your day cream or treatment to your face, but tap it in with quick firm finger motions first, then rub it in.

3. Hair. Apply a volumizer to your roots before blow drying to lift your hair and in turn lifting your face. Droopy hair tends to pull down your facial features. If you are starting the day with dry hair, spritz your roots with  a medium hold hair spray and flip your head over and massage your scalp to add body. A ponytail with a high crown and side swept bangs is flattering and the ponytail itself  helps pull your forehead up a little, opening your eye area.

4. Makeup and teeth. Open your eyes with a flesh or white eyeliner pencil along your water line. And sweep a white eyeliner just under your brow-bone for an instant lift. Tweezing stray hairs also makes an immediate impact. Use a Navy eyeliner to brighten your eyes. Avoid orange or yellow toned lipsticks as these can make your  skin look dull. A spare hand with a bronzer can also brighten your face. Just go light. Too much will defeat the purpose. Use a tooth whitening strip. A bright smile takes years off your appearance, is cheap and always works.

5. Clothing. Wear a bright happy shade near your face. Scarves are a perfect way to add flair and brightness to your clothes and your skin. Just choose a  color that works with your skin tone. That complimentary reflection at your neckline can really add flattering tones to your face. Choose earrings that flash, sparkle or move. Movement near your face adds interest and is appealing, and can also draw the eye away from features you don’t want to accentuate.


There you go. You only spent 25 minutes, but you look younger, feel better and you are ready for the day.

What is your no-fail pick me up for those days that start out with that blah feeling?


  1. I definitely need to add some fun, vibrant colored scarfs to my wardrobe more often. Thanks!

  2. Moisturize is so true! That is number one on my list!

  3. Great ideas. I struggle with trying to look younger now that I have reached 45 :(

  4. Wow! This is so detailed! Thanks for the tips on the makeup. I don’t usually wear makeup since I always just stay here at home but it’s good to know what to do when I do need to put on makeup! I agree with moisturizing. I’m too lazy to do it everyday but I know I need it!

  5. Yes, those things definitely do help!! =)

    I’ve learned what a difference moisturizer and a good cleanser makes for your skin. My bad habit is not having a routine for this :(

  6. The tip on hair is so true. Big hair is just gorgeous to begin with…At least IMHO :-)

  7. Great tips! I have them pinned.