Some Happy For Your Wednesday

Apparently, Korean boy bands aren’t exactly like American boy bands. They’ve got tons of members so it’s a little harder to pick your favorite, they replace members frequently so if you do have a fave, he might not be there for long. And  naturally their songs are sung in Korean, which makes it a little inconvenient, since I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day, and I can’t make heads nor tails of the words except for the occasional English phrase like, “Blow your mind” “Baby” and “Alright” so I’ve just been going around the house singing “Mister simple, simple… Mister simple, simple…” over and over and over again. The boys are quite stylish, too.  Because I’m so nice, I thought I’d share, so you too can get it stuck in your head.  May I present……. SUPER JUNIOR!!!  *The first few seconds are just an intro- wait for the catchy part*


  1. Thanks for sharing. I wonder why they need so many members in one group?

  2. The great thing with so many members is it keeps it interesting to watch while you listen to the music, which is actually quite good!! Like watching the dance routine aswell.

  3. That was awesome! Take away all that extra music and they are like a really good glee club. I loved that video, too. I suspect I will be singing “Mister simple simple” all day now.

  4. This was neat, thanks for posting it!!

  5. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. hahahahaha Don’t know why I subjected myself to that knowing it would get stuck in my head. LOL The words you picked out are the same for me. Thanks a LOT!

  7. Is it just me or does the one with the Elvis hairdo remind you of John Cusack? I just kept thinking “that’s John Cusack’s Korean counterpart” the whole time my toes were tapping to this one! LOL!