What is this? #6

I did this one a little different- what do you think this guy is shooting at? To find the answer go HERE, I added the “uncensored” pic to the bottom of that post. Please leave me your guesses.  Then go see if you were close! Don’t reveal the answer after you’ve checked, though!  Clue- It’s not what you think! LOL



  1. LOL! My guess was nowhere close to correct.

  2. It’s either an alien or a monster of some sort.

  3. WOW! Maybe an airplane or helicopter?

  4. that was SO not my guess LOL

  5. oh wow – I thought maybe a target – not!

  6. OK< I have a variety of answers from everyone who wanted to try to figure it out.
    1. nest
    2. cut out cookies
    3. A politician
    4. His hallucination
    5. He needed to open up a bottle of champagne for the new year!

  7. I did not expect this at all!! Did not even come close to the right answer.

  8. I think a tree!?

  9. Wasn’t even close!

  10. not my guess at all!

  11. I had no idea and I certainly would never have guessed.

  12. A bear!

  13. Devona Fryer says:

    Another man?