Face Palm Friday 11/4

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One of the biggest face palm moments I’ve had happened almost 11 years ago.  I was sitting in my friends room, watching a movie with him and one of his friends.  It was a small room that he rented from the family who lived in the house at the time, so there wasn’t an abundance of room to sit down and get comfy, so the three of us were on the bed.  For some reason, my friend decided it would be funny to start shoving office supplies up the leg of my pants.  Minds out of the gutter, he was shoving stuff up through the ankle of my pants!

At first, it was annoying but funny.  Eventually, the funny part wore off and it was downright annoying.  Even more so when I realized I had so many pens and pencils, a 3-hole punch and other supplies up my pant leg that I couldn’t really move for fear of getting stabbed by something.  So, I had no choice but to look at my friend’s friend for help.  I looked at the man who up until that point I had only ever said some choice words asking him to stop shouting to and said, “Would you mind going in my pants and getting that ____ out!”

Perhaps that is the greatest come-on line of all time, because 11 years later, we are married with two great kids!



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  1. Christy Ann says:

    LOL! That’s the best “how we met” story I’ve heard.

  2. LOLOLOL! <3 it! That is hilarious! This story should be submitted into a contest of some sort! hahahahah! I wonder what the kids think of this story (if they're old enough to hear it, obviously)?! :))

  3. LOL, too funny. Love it!