What Is This? #5

Your clue? Not Mars. Leave me your guess before you check the answer:) I love reading your guesses!

****Answer HERE*****


  1. tree bark?

  2. It looks like a rock, or stone of some sort.

  3. well the little dents are kind of square… I would guess something a fork poked but then it’s grayish brown so.. I don’t know..
    I love guessing at these! lol let me go see what it is… BRB

  4. I was soooooooo far off! lol

  5. Clare Blakeslee Toll says:

    I think it’s a piece of steak!

  6. Side of a mountain.

  7. MT. Rushmore

  8. Looks like a rock

  9. It looks like a cliff to me.

  10. I think it’s a tree

  11. I was thinking tree bark too.

  12. An old piece of broccoli? LOL.