What Is This #3


Here is another picture of…what? I’ll give you a hint this time: you can find it in your house.

Can you guess?

If you want to know what it’s a picture of ….go HERE (scroll to the bottom- it’s a recipe post)- but leave me your guess first, Okay? I get a kick out of your answers.


  1. It’s the bottom of a glass plate?

  2. A bowl of water in the sun!

  3. i was thinking rain drops on something

  4. A glass window

  5. A coaster? This will drive me crazy!

  6. Icing on a cake

  7. I cheated and looked first… lol
    I tried to think of what it might be, I thought and I thought, I couldn’t take it any more and went to peek at the answer :)
    I Love this game!
    I would have Never guessed..

  8. shower curtain

  9. Lol, I cheated too, I would have never guessed

  10. Yup, I’m a cheater as well. :) I had no clue what that was!

  11. cyndi stallings says:

    styrofoam cooler? Okay, now I’m looking cuz I’m sure that’s not what it is!

  12. A glass something or the other?

    Whriwind of Surprises

  13. whipped cream? now i have to go look!

  14. My guess has nothing to do with food, so I am sure it is wrong, but I saw something just like this view when I was laying in the pool today. The ripples of the water.
    Now I have to go see the answer.

  15. lol.. I just read the clue…can find it in my house. I do NOT have a pool in my house. Can you tell that I don’t read directions very well?

  16. Julie Sullivan says:

    Maybe foil