What is this?

I was getting some pics off my camera and ran across this. I had no idea what it was. I asked my kids and they said  I had to guess. They finally told me what it was.

What does it look like to you? 

I put the answer on my Facebook page if you’re curious:)


  1. I didn’t have clue so I cheated and checked your FB page:)

  2. Is it dryer lint? Lol… now I have to go over and check your FB page. :)

  3. It looks like ashphalt…so I am guessing the driveway!!

  4. LOL, just saw the answer… I was waaaaaaaay off.

  5. I know – I probably never would have gotten it!

  6. I can’t think of anything except some sort of pavement or tile flooring…. headed to your page to find out. :p

  7. Omg, I just looked at the answer- I was WAY off.I was going to say cement or something hahaha

  8. My guess: Your asphalt driveway.

  9. Looks like perhaps the sidewalk to me

  10. Could it be the sidewalk? Or ground of some kind?

  11. Looks like sandpaper? I’m going to go check your FB now. LOL

  12. Shelly Peterson says:

    looks like asphault. but i’m sure thats not it lol.

  13. I peeked and I would have never guessed that!

  14. What a truly amazing piece!