What is this? Part two

This picture was waiting for me on my desk top when I got home today. The kids wanted me to guess (again) what on earth it was. Didn’t guess it (again).

What do you think it is? To be nice I buried an un-cropped version deep in my blog- so go ahead and make your guess (leave me comment, I want to know what you think it is!) then go here to see if you were right or even close. I bet you don’t get it!



  1. Your right I don’t get it. I have no clue. The only thing I could think of is some kind of skin, but I am sure that is not it.

  2. LOL, I had no clue…

    Whirlwind of Surprises

  3. I was way off! :)

  4. I guess the bottom of a shoe? A keds like shoe.

  5. i’m going to summon my inner sherlock for a complete analysis of what this could be. i hope you’re prepared.

    i’m assuming from the lines and the way that they’ve formed it’s something reminiscent of sand, as sand is the only material i know that can completely break into deliberate color sequences.

    however, based on the patterns themselves, i’m going to assume that this has been exposed to the elements because why the tributaries otherwise? hmm. intriguing. perhaps a garden brick or decoration similar to those found in the world market.

    but lime or sandstone would have worn away evenly. and this is sporadic.

    i just do not know. perhaps i’m more suited for watson than holmes.

  6. The filling for a blanket?

  7. I think it looks like sand on a beach with water tunnels in it.

  8. You’ve stumped me again!

  9. Looks like a close up of markings on a leaf or something .

  10. Renee Sosa says:

    To me it kind of looks like a close up of a mop head. Now I’m going to go see what it is. lol

  11. cracked skin?

  12. It’s an ant-farm.