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FacePalm Friday 7/22

Several months ago I was working with two Pr reps with the same name, just different spellings. One was “Jane” one was “Jayne” (not their real names) One of them was repping an odor eliminator, and the other was working for a higher end hair care line. Now, I really, really liked both products. The shampoo and conditioner were excellent and the odor eliminator was by far the best one I’d ever used. I sprayed the odor elim all over my house, in the old work truck, in the dog’s beds, under the sink, all over an old chair, on my couch I mean everywhere. I was super excited at how really effective it was. Remember we have 5 dogs, a cat, a couple of birds, a hedgehog and chickens. A fish, too but he doesn’t stink. So I just sprayed everything till the first bottle was gone. I ended up writing to Jane about how awesome her product was. I told her all about the various ways I’d used it, you know, the dog smells, the old truck upholstery, my furniture.



  1. LOL that sounds like something I would do!

  2. hahaha I get nervous about mix ups like that. She was probably quite puzzled!

  3. Oh my goodness, that is so hilarious! I’m kinda surprised she didn’t say something… did you email her back to clear it up?

  4. Oh my gosh that is HILARIOUS!!! Total facepalm, but what a great story! Thanks for sharing, and glad you were able to clear it up!

  5. That is my worst fear! 😉

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  6. that was a oops for sure! lol
    Funny to hear you tell about it, but im sure you hated it when it happened..
    ok my turn..
    I did something kind of like that not to long ago.. well I have two emails, wish I didn’t but it ended up this way. I use one for fun and the other is my personal email. Well just so happens that I was talking to someone about an error coin I have that he wanted.. Well I gave him my address to get back with me when he was ready, and so he did, several days later I got a message from him saying he wanted it, well the letter he sent me went to one address which fowards it on to my personal address (sometimes it forwards it, sometimes it junks it) but this time it did forward it, and so I sent the information he needed and a short message about the coin and figured everything was ok..
    It wasn’t.. He never wrote back, I figured oh well maybe he changed his mind.. “Not”
    I had someone write me a few days later to tell me that he got a coin from them and told them that he had talked to me first but that I never did get back with him about it. Now I knew I did get back to him. well it just so happens that I save all my sent messages so I went to make sure I had put the right address on it.. Nope!!! I Didn’t!
    to my suprise it went to chocho(me), I had hit reply And because it was being forwarded from my other address… it went back to me not to him.. Maybe not as bad as what happened to you.. but it made me feel like real nut. lol I wrote to him and told him what happened and that I was sorry.. I guess he got upset because I never did hear anything else from him.
    that was a huge oops! lol

  7. OMG LOL Hilarious!! hahaha Total facepalm.

  8. That is so funny! I could seriously see that happening to me!

  9. Oh my gosh! That’s so funny. Sounds like something I would do. Hahaha.

  10. Yep..sounds like something I would do. Thanks for sharing with us. I enjoy reading your “stories”
    And the dog sure looked comfy in the dryer btw

  11. I did enter a giveaway once with a big “I VOTED FOR YOU ON PICKET FENCE”
    oops.. the person wasn’t on picket fence. I had the wrong thing stuck in my cut and paste.
    And of course I had my windows mixed up before and “liked such and such” on facebook, when it was a different product.

  12. So funny! I love reading your stories.

  13. ohmy,, that is deff something that would happen to me!!