Yanni- Truth of Touch

I have spent the last three hours just floating. Thanks to the One2One Network I was given the opportunity to review Yanni’s first instrumental release of original compositions in over eight years, titled  Truth Of Touch.


Although this album is playful in a way I haven’t heard before from Yanni, it is definitely his unique, distinctive style, “as we know him.” I found myself with my hands hovering over the keyboard, no idea what I had been about to type, as this beautiful music just washed over me. The title track, is the perfect song to invite you in. Upbeat and happy, it leaves you ready to hear more. My favorite is track number 7, titled Nine. It goes from sensual to vibrant to a softer mellow tone, then  becomes smokey and intense. I don’t know of course, what was in Yanni’s  mind as he composed this piece, but it felt like the ebb and flow of my marriage, over all the years together with my husband. Since the twentieth anniversary of the day my husband and I  met is coming up in April, things like this are on my mind. Nine is a beautiful expression, to me, of the ups and downs of a long relationship. It can be hard, but intensely romantic. Track 5,  Flash of Color, is a spicy song that makes me want to get on a plane, dash off to an island paradise and dance on the beach with the sunset turning the sand a deep red.
The music in this collection isn’t going to make you drift off to sleep. It has a great energy, and may even make doing the dishes, fun.
I am so happy I got a chance to review Truth of Touch. This is probably one of my favorite albums by Yanni, except for his In the Mirror.

If you are a fan of Yanni you need this album in your collection, if you haven’t really listened to him before, now is a great time to experience his music. You can find more information at the Official Yanni website, as well as information about his 40 date tour, that kicked off March 22.



  1. Thrifty and Chic Mom says:

    I am not a huge Yanni fan per se but I went to the Yanni Voices concert and it was fabulous plus I LOVE that cd he is talented!